mase thinks dwight howard’s bedroom activities does matter to us

i liked mase‘s music but i didn’t see the hype with his looks.
he was one of the rapping wolf crushes many vixens i knew had.
i mean,
he was aight but he has/had nice dimples.
it was young cam’ron for me.

his horse and carriage?
i wanted a ride.

adult mase and cam have a talk show called “it is what it is“.
it is where they talk sports.

of course,
dwight howard came up since he plays/played ball.
dwight has been saying it’s no one’s business who he sleeps with.

mase thinks it is all of our business

is he still a pastor?
serious question.
so i know everyone is angry and i’m probably gonna be the villain today.
i listened to that whole thing because i saw some folks were angry,
but mase is hitting on some points.
when we come out of emotion and get logical,
we will see that it does matter because it’s the latest scandal.

everyone is nosy.
This is why tabloids and blogs exist.
It’s good for my business.

People are nosy and love gossip,
especially when it comes to sex and celebrities/baller wolves.
This is why these new school hoes are in business too.

a black baller wolf who plays sports is outed for being a head monster.
one who isn’t denying he called dude over to play penis meet tonsil hockey.

that is definitely going to be the talk of the forests.
it does matter because this revelation can get more money and sex.
dwight can reinvent himself with a rebrand.
males who thought dwight was cute are gonna be try to shoot their shots.
this can help boost dwight’s post-career and keep him warm at night.

it still kind of does matter within the sports realm and it doesn’t too.
on one side:

Where is Michael Sam?
Where are all the other baller wolves who came out in sports?

on the other side,
dwight howard “37” is not a lebron “37”.
dwight isn’t even in the nba anymore.
he lasted played ball in taiwan.
not only that,
dwight has become the quite the liability over the years.
not to mention that we have forgotten:

He was outed because he allegedly did something wrong to someone else and is being sued.

hasn’t he done wrong to all the people he dated/breeded?
everywhere he does,
this scandal will be associated with his name.
he is an alleged villain who got outed for being one.
so to dwight,
it’s not “our business what he does” but going forward,
it kinda will be.

lowkey: if many of us got outed for our sexuality tomorrow,
people would be talking if we like it or not.
people talk about us for less.
you’ll be the new story and i hope you milk it until it run’s dry.

3 thoughts on “mase thinks dwight howard’s bedroom activities does matter to us

  1. First I would like to thank you Jamari for talking about this, this is what I brought up in my last Dwight Howard comment.

    I do think Mase had some valid points in his commentary that also came across slightly homophobic when he used stereotypical tropes of people not being comfortable in the locker room and teams not wanting to sign Dwight for what goes on in his bedroom. As I stated in my last comment and you reiterated Dwights’ 37 years old is not the same as LeBron James 37 years old (and quiet as it’s kept LeBron James 37 is B.S), Dwight is 37 and has had injuries and that’s 99% of the reason he isn’t signed in the NBA right now.

    The larger issue that I had was where is the moral compass and why have our sense of right and wrong become inverted in the United States but especially in the black community. Why are we so quick to embrace hustlers, drug dealers, gang members, pimps, prostitutes, people with DUI’s, and people with dead bodies attached to their name if not outright murder/manslaughter convictions attached to their names; but if someone sleeps with someone of the same sex especially as a male, its a hard stop?

    I had brought up the Brandon Miller case only because in my opinion it should be much bigger than the Dwight situation. We just spent a whole year going after Ja Morant over his perceived irresponsibility with guns even though his actions were legal and yet we have allowed Brandon Miller to be drafted with a 41 million dollar contract with a whole dead young woman associated with his name through illegal gun violence, yet in the main stream media and sports commentary/podcaster space …. crickets!

    1. Bro the facts you just spoke about the difference between Dwight’s 37 and LeBron’s 37. Dwight has injuries and championships under his belt so it’s not his bedroom antics, it’s his body. Complete difference.

      Now my thing is, what kind of Pastor is Mase again? He still speaks slow.

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