Tamar Braxton Has A Sit Down With Steve Harvey

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.38.24 PMi swear tamar was taking a social media break.
maybe it was for an hour?
so tamar braxton had an interview with “the steve harvey morning show”.
the topic?
you guessed it.
well she told her side of what happened for her to get fired.
i guess it will lead up to tonight’s “bfv” episode.

well this is the interview via youtube
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Would You Put Suraqah On Your Walls?

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.07.18 PMi love to see wolves i’ve wanted to smash me i’ve featured doing good.
well suraqah is one of those wolves.
i remember when i first saw him,
and those pecs he smugglin’,
that he would be a foxhole favorite.
well he went from model,
fire fighter,
and back to #thirsttrap on the steve harvey show today.
 he is mr may in the steve harvey show “2016 man candy monday” calendar.
he was competing to get the cover of the calendar.
judging from these pictures…
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Yeezus Gets His Voice and Balls Back For Pusha T!

tumblr_mrzuobHRKv1rqd0kpo1_400i’m starting to think the almighty yeezus was trollin’ our asses.
moreso trollin’ kris jenner on her demised show.
remember when he sounded like his balls went missing?
well he was at pusha t’s listening party here in ny at industria superstudio and well…
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(Hands On Ya Knees!) Nick Cannon Teaches Us How To Twerk!

Nick-Cannon-2he looks sexy in that picture.
don’t kill me mariah.
so nick cannon is living the black american dream.
he is rich,
has a successful tv show,
doesn’t have a raging drug habit,
married to a r&b diva,
and has two cute kids within wedlock.
so what else is there left to do?
oh i know!
get on bethanny frankel’s new talk show and teach us how to twerk.
yes thats right.
below is nick cannon teaching us that “miley cyrus” twerksum
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