Tamar Braxton Has A Sit Down With Steve Harvey

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.38.24 PMi swear tamar was taking a social media break.
maybe it was for an hour?
so tamar braxton had an interview with “the steve harvey morning show”.
the topic?
you guessed it.
well she told her side of what happened for her to get fired.
i guess it will lead up to tonight’s “bfv” episode.

well this is the interview via youtube



steve …
did he not see her being kinda shady online tho?
i still think there is more to this story.
i feel vince knows and tried to throw the blame somewhere else.
well chin up to all who is worried about tamar!
steve harvey signed her to his production company.
that meannnnnssssssss…

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.43.21 PM

she is allegedly getting her own talk show!
tumblr_mumm76zaFk1rz7q89o2_400one door closed and another opened.
i don’t know tho…
i couldn’t watch her for an hour.
she needs supporting characters to back her and that persona up.

her sisters
those randoms on “the real”

she can be a bit “much” by herself.
good luck tho!

lowkey: it seems she better stop playing the victim.
the producers of the “the real” allegedly gonna make it really real.


uh oh.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Has A Sit Down With Steve Harvey”

  1. Ch.. We need another talk show on the air just as much as we need another reality show. Lol. I wish her much success, though.

    Off topic: how did that 30 day challenge go?

    1. ^im still on it!
      it ends next week on the 8th.
      i cannot believe i did an entire month without getting off.
      the way how I feel,
      i may keep it going….

      …i think.

  2. As with all things Tamar .. I could barely listen to her for 5 mins. I’m also really over her always playing the victim low key – I want to see those vids of her exploding on set , I bet that’ll shut her up real quick..

  3. Tamar irks the shit out of me and its all because of this pseudo drag queen persona she refuses to let go of. Ive never seen her have an honest of sincere moment that I can relate too. She reeks of “baby of the family” syndrome. and for someone who’s been reaching for stardom for 2 decades, she’s finally getting those 2nd and 3rd chances at success. That rarely happens in the entertainment world and almost never for black women creeping towards 40, so you’d think she’d have some humility. On BVF tonite she’s crying(not a tear fell from her eyes) about her album failing because she couldnt adequately promote or tour due to the talk shows obligations yet, within days of being fired, you sign on for another show? Im not clear on why she is so pressed to have a talk show when her music career is flopping/

  4. That’s why she blocked yo bitchass, people like you are the bain of my existence you literally scrape the bottom of the barrel and you think you are slick, Im done wasting typing space on you.

    1. ^um.
      thanks for commenting.
      i don’t know who you are,
      or what i did to you,
      but im sorry if i made you feel a certain way amongst your visits to my website.
      you seem like someone i have offended.

  5. …so is Steve going to “save huh”???.But she dont wanna be saved”?? Lol I don’t believe Tamar is going to be unghetto’d….maybe Steve should send her to his DREAM organization in Orlando with the other 15 year olds to mature and conquer their dreams! A network aint goin I on you like that unless there’s a story behind it.

  6. It was all a setup for the launch of her show. Steve is running the Oprah blueprint, which is also a ‘borrowed’ blueprint. He’ll leverage her show with his audience, go for a younger “Wendy Williams” type setup. Can I get a check, please? There is a core of celebs that REFUSE to do Wendy Williams. She’ll get that guest constituency, and add to it all the musical guests…she should at least maintain, if not blow up.

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