Let’s Take A Trip To Another Side of The Dominican Republic

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.19.52 PMi like it when the foxhole takes a trip to the dominican republic!
sooooo everyone meet manuel.
he is a dominican wolf who resides in new yawk.
judging from ^that picture,
and this entry has adult situations

…all i can see in my head when it cums to him is:


and this:


…with those big arms of his.
too bad he is straight.
i would wear that pipe OUT.
completely out.

“is there any more juice in there?
i think i swallowed it all.”

#sorrynotsorry #wegrown
well he had quite the transformation into ^that wolf.
this is his before:

…and i would still get with it.
he is fine:

in the middle

nothing better than these dominican wolves.
i’ll allow manuel.

pictures credited: manuel

26 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Trip To Another Side of The Dominican Republic

  1. He looks crazy good when he’s “thicker”! I’ll take some of that! Either way he’s a banger!

  2. Dominican men are such teases and mostly of them are arrogant…Still fine tho..lol

  3. That doesn’t mean he would allow you, you are so fucking pressed and thirsty it’s ashame I feel so for you that you don’t feel sorry for yourself. You still try to mimic the blogs of others, except your grammar and sentence structure is horrible. You need a life coach and instead of you trying to do subliminals towards me say that shit to me.

    1. @ Ghostface You still spent the time to read something and even comment on something you don’t like. Where’s the logic? You’re helping to promote the blog by viewing it and commenting. If you don’t like it, then just read the blogs that you do like?

      You’re like those people who watch YouTube videos they don’t like, make nasty comments and dislike the video, all the while promoting the video you don’t like by stirring up more comments and views. Seems counterproductive.

      No one’s forcing you to read it, but hey, do you lol

    2. Gurl…..what are you going through? Did YOU proofread your shit before typing that mess?

      “You need a life coach and instead of you trying to do subliminals towards me say that shit to me.”

      GIRL! That reads like my fourth grade nephew’s syntax.

      Leave the doll Jamari alone and go get some dick, bitter gal!

    3. What subliminals is he throwing? I hope this is not who I think it is.

      You are talking about sentence structure, but judging from those few sentences you need some grammar lessons. Where were the commas and the periods son? Someone did not have Hooked on Phonics as a child.

      1. And btw I’m not writer of content I made a comment which was not meant to be used as a model for phonetics.

      2. @Ghostface
        So yesterday you claim Jamari is the bain(sic) of your existence yet you return to his site today to post several more comments?
        Life is short, so why are you “wasting typing space” (your words) on him again, today?

      3. So basically, it’s okay for you to criticize someone else’s grammar whilst having bad grammar yourself solely on the premise that you’re not a “content creator”? Lmfao…

  4. Sexy indeed while I still have love for Maravilla and borrell this one here fits the title of grown man.

      1. @ Christian If that’s his “thick” I’d eat him up either way! Mhm!

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