Yeezus Gets His Voice and Balls Back For Pusha T!

tumblr_mrzuobHRKv1rqd0kpo1_400i’m starting to think the almighty yeezus was trollin’ our asses.
moreso trollin’ kris jenner on her demised show.
remember when he sounded like his balls went missing?
well he was at pusha t’s listening party here in ny at industria superstudio and well…

tumblr_ms6c4kP62u1qf4ywho1_500i love yeezus with balls.

lowkey: ive been a fan of pusha since the clipse.
i’m ready for this album.
release date: october 8th.

story source: miss info

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “Yeezus Gets His Voice and Balls Back For Pusha T!”

  1. Kanye is a Gemini. Both sides are accurate. It’s not even about code switching.
    Haven’t met one yet that wasn’t a duplicitous prevaricator.

    There are no refunds when selling one’s soul.

    This was an album release party, not Pusha T announcing he found the cure for cancer or HIV.
    Who was all that for? It was way too much.

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