Would You Put Suraqah On Your Walls?

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.07.18 PMi love to see wolves i’ve wanted to smash me i’ve featured doing good.
well suraqah is one of those wolves.
i remember when i first saw him,
and those pecs he smugglin’,
that he would be a foxhole favorite.
well he went from model,
fire fighter,
and back to #thirsttrap on the steve harvey show today.
Β he is mr may in the steve harvey show “2016 man candy monday” calendar.
he was competing to get the cover of the calendar.
judging from these pictures…

and the actual segment:

tumblr_mb75awS8t21qmfh3w…he should have gotten it.
gotten it in the worse way.
he has been doing a bawdy right over all those wolves.
i mean can’t you tell:

i was going to say something really nasty
anyway congrats suraqah!
i hope many more shirtless appearances to…

lowkey: suraqah is straight,
but a fox has a very nasty imagination.
i’ll be putting it to use tonight.

tumblr_mb75wjPIol1qmfh3wdownload the calender: here
pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Would You Put Suraqah On Your Walls?”

  1. Ok..can anyone tell me what is up with Steve Harvey’s mouth/lip area?!! I’ve always wondered that, even when he had his TV show back in the day.
    Does he have false teeth and that’s why his lips/mouth protrude like that?

  2. Nah can’t fucks w anyone that hates me. Good to see these comments in here to know the deal. I don’t get how so many gay dudes be giving these niggas that literally hate their guts so much. Gotta feel like they don’t measure up somehow, nah my pride couldn’t let me do it lol.

  3. I still follow him on IG…it’s not just the bawdy..that smile is kilowatt heavy. And let’s not forget those bowlegs…#ijs Homophobe or not…he’s one fantasy of many.

    1. Fantasy for someone who thinks you’re immoral… thats real thirst. To each his own.. i guess

      1. Let’s begin with the obvious, which is we don’t know one another, so let’s not assume one has “real thirst”. I try not to take too many things personally. What others say and do is projection of their own reality. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be a victim of needless suffering.

        That man is entitled to his opinions just like everyone else is to theirs. C’mon now, I follow him on social media. I’m not financially supporting any of his endeavors. Again, homophobe or not, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a sexy, handsome guy.

  4. I use to follow this dude when I first got on Instagram a couple of years ago and he was an arrogant homophobic douche and I un-followed his ass along with a few others who ironically have been featured in the foxhole. He may have changed his ways by now, but I never went back to check, it is so many good looking dudes on IG that he is not even missed. Steve Harvey is another asshole I wouldn’t spit on if he was on fire. I wonder will he send the money back if he found out gay men bought the calendar just because he was in it.

    1. Uh oh , if him being that way is true I ‘m gonna have to sent him away to the land of forgotten men.

      1. Dont do that mikey LOL, check him out for yourself, he may have changed and realize that gay men are a nice looking dude most loyal and consistent fan base. Thirsttrap extraordinaire and IG Supastar George Hill first hit the scene on some homophobic BS and quickly changed his ways when he saw where his bread was buttered with all the likes and support for his projects like his calendar from the many gay men who show him love. Most of these attention whores now just accept that they are going to have thirsty female as well as male fans and a few have even shocked me by being supportive of gay marriage and putting others in their place when they disrespect a gay person in the comments. As we have said so many times in the foxhole and it is so true, an attention whore loves attention no matter where it comes from. Many of these dudes are realizing that if gay men dont like you, you are not really that HOT! LOL.

    2. His arrogant, homophobic way is what made me unfollow him as well. I’d see how he would dog some some of the foxes / wolves who would compliment him. He is nice to look at and surely attractive, his arrogance made him unattractive to me. I don’t know if he has changed by now but there are far more accepting and attractive guys around to tolerate his arrogance and homophobia

    3. Wow, I was going to say that he was an attractive dude, but the second I hear about anyone being homophobic I’m pretty much done with them.
      I’ll definitely take your word for it.I could never support that. I don’t use IG but its still good to know.
      Steve Harvey is a buffoon too! lol.

  5. OMG I think this guy may have just killed every other pineapple you posted on here for me. SUPER FINE. I think I’ll sent this post to all my friends tell them this is what I want for my birthday , so they can save up πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

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