(Hands On Ya Knees!) Nick Cannon Teaches Us How To Twerk!

Nick-Cannon-2he looks sexy in that picture.
don’t kill me mariah.
so nick cannon is living the black american dream.
he is rich,
has a successful tv show,
doesn’t have a raging drug habit,
married to a r&b diva,
and has two cute kids within wedlock.
so what else is there left to do?
oh i know!
get on bethanny frankel’s new talk show and teach us how to twerk.
yes thats right.
below is nick cannon teaching us that “miley cyrus” twerksum

tumblr_mqf1pamkB61r7i2rko1_r1_250…thats all i have to say about that.

lowkey 1: i love when non-rhythmic people try to twerk.
it always amuses me.

lowkey 2: why did i like his song,
“yo pops don’t like me”.
i know.
corner i go.

x see nick playing “would you ever”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “(Hands On Ya Knees!) Nick Cannon Teaches Us How To Twerk!”

  1. Yes, he does seem corny but I was on the Nick Cannon train secretly before anybody else.I noticed him back in like 03 or 04.I used to think “Damn, this dude is hot.”But there are certain ways he does his mouth that gets on my nerves.I think Nick is packing though.

    I just watched Aaliyah’s MTV diary on Youtube and Nick interviewed her as that drag queen character he used to play with the blonde wig.It was funny because Aaliyah never said his name, I guess she didn’t know, she talked about him like he was an actual drag queen.

  2. As soon as he said I twerk a little I started blushing lol. Nick looks like he can shake his ass off, and that ass is fat too. I’d love to see him let loose. He is gorgeous and has a nice personality too.

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