BULLETIN BOARD: I’ll Put My Smiley Face Down Below (2.97)

star-smiley-face-downloadas you guys know from the little graphics i create sometimes that:
i love me some smiley faces.
i am an emoji whore on my phone in texts.
sometimes all that needs to be sad is a smiley.

well i have been looking to add a smiley face bar above the comment box,
to make the comments a lot more animated,
but alas my journey has cum up short.
so i found the smiley face wordpress list for those who want to add smiley faces.
just the manual way…

smileyfoxholeokyeah it isn’t the same as clicking a bar but its something.
enjoy as i keep up the search for the perfect smiley rack.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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