nicki minaj will sue you over that one she’s dating

*looks side to side at everyone in the foxhole*
she’s losing it.
i realllllllllly think she’s losing it.
so nicki minaj is fuming mad at the daily mail…
 jessie palmer.
she claims she’s gonna sue him too.
what he allegedly said about her on the “daily mail” show.
he put up mugshots and other tidbits about “the wolf she’s with”.
this is what she had to font on twitter…
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So Ya’ll Made Another Handsome Jailbird A Model Again

so the new career move is to a jailbird?
you gotta be handsome af in your mugshot tho.
like ^so.
i think i wrote about him before.
i can’t keep track of my jailbirds nowadays.
his name is mekhi alante lucky and ya’ll made him a “star-rah”.
since the gp made him go viral with his mugshot,
he is the next in “jailbird modelling fashions”.
this is a recent shoot he did with st. clair models,
which is based in atlanta,
where it looks like he is allegedly signed
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f0xmail: I Think This Jailbird Wolf Wants My Bunz. Help!


Hey Jamari…

I’m having a lil dilemma reading this past prison wolf Im employed with. When I first met him 2 months ago I noticed the natural attraction I have for him. He’s dark skin, about 45, 6’3, permanent gold fronts and hella cool. He’s a daddy type, a SEXXXY daddy type. So everyday we come in to work he sees me, makes his way over and starts up a convo. Every convo ends the same; on sex. He talks about how he be fucking women, how big. His dick is, his stroke game, alotta mature real black man shit. It’s so sexy to me, but anywho I’m a very attractive male with a nice physique. I’m masc and I have a big round butt that alotta guys require. No one here knows I’m gay except him. He can tell for some reason but I can’t tell about him. He’s always talking about sex as people he’s gonna fuck, I just need some help. If he is down, how do I proceed. how would I know if he isn’t? I just don’t wanna be rejected I mean I have before but not by someone I’m naturally attracted too and yes Jamari he can tell from my smiles and the way I respond back, I even brought him lunch yesterday and I don’t know what to say. I think he wants to fuck me and I would love to let him on the regular.

Plz give me some of that infinite knowledge and wisdom.

(viewer discretion strongly advised)

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These Chicks About To Fall In Love With Another Jailbird

screen-shot-2014-06-27-at-4-31-49-pmthis time,
this one is a celebrity related jailbird.
this one is elyjah marrow and he is related to ice t.
he killed his roommate.
oh no!
it was by accident tho…

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LOLOLsee i’m learning something new since watching “orange is the new black”.
check me out.
today i learned something else.
vixens could just be as thirsty for the wrong kind of wolf.
so much times,
people think gays are the only ones dry mouthed.
nuh uuuuuuhhhhhh.
¬†everyone meet the latest sexy in “commissary chic”