So Ya’ll Made Another Handsome Jailbird A Model Again

so the new career move is to a jailbird?
you gotta be handsome af in your mugshot tho.
like ^so.
i think i wrote about him before.
i can’t keep track of my jailbirds nowadays.
his name is mekhi alante lucky and ya’ll made him a “star-rah”.
since the gp made him go viral with his mugshot,
he is the next in “jailbird modelling fashions”.
this is a recent shoot he did with st. clair models,
which is based in atlanta,
where it looks like he is allegedly signed

i can dig it.
he has “the look” for modelling.
he doesn’t seem that tall:


kendall and the rest of the ig attentionistas are “models” now so…
his bawdy would look with clothes on.
that is the point of fashion modelling.
the model comes second.
i guess this means if you happen to get arrested,
try to give a good facial.
you might just be america’s next stop jailbird tomorrow!

lowkey: the attentionistos(nistas) on ig selling their souls,
overdosing on supplements,
and getting fucked for a shot.
all this one did was get arrested and not work out a day in his life.
they need to clean mehki up a little tho…

he could stand to never speaking again.

pictures cc: demanti/instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “So Ya’ll Made Another Handsome Jailbird A Model Again”

  1. A lot of people look at his eyes. I’m here for the fullness of his lips and his beautiful complexion. I mean, he’s modeling, hopefully staying out of trouble so I look at that as a positive. Second chances, right?

  2. He can do print for sure some of these pics are magazine worthy.
    He’s slim and unique looking he’s def got a shot

  3. Second chances? Why? Because he’s cute or one of his eyes is blue? I suppose. The eye is meh…that skin tho…that dark chocolate skin..😘

  4. I say good luck to him! Some very famous people have been ‘discovered’ in stranger places. But just for the record, I think the other ‘felon’ model, will have a more successful career.

  5. Umm Mekhi Just stand up and take photos but dont fucking speak, please!

    and by the that you have signed to ‘model’ you could start working on your skinny body and put some meat on them bones. Maybe while you are doing that , some meat may come on your brain.

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