The Wolf Who Is Missing Down In Texas

so ^this handsome wolf is missing down in texas.
his name is patrick harris,
he is an army veteran,
and he is an aspiring comedian.
his friend posted this on his ig asking for help

that is so scary,
but i hope he is okay.
i fear there are going to be more of these to come.
this is when social media comes in handy.
you can reach massive amounts of folks quickly.
i hope this wolf is found safe.

i hope my texas foxholers are doing okay.
please keep us updated with how you’re doing!

pictures cc: patrick | energizer tha dj

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Wolf Who Is Missing Down In Texas”

  1. I pray he’s okay. Im in Texas and so far i haven’t had a bad hurricane Harvey moment. Im just glad for that but sad that a lot of people may have lost their lives or loved ones.

    Also fuck trump.

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