As Long As Trump Had A Big Turn Out In Texas Yesterday…

i could not believe she went down to texas in her heels.
why is she posing like she doing the cover for “vanity fair”?.

she ended up changing,
into a “flotus” cap,
but i was baffled at trump’s speech down in texas yesterday…

“what a crowd…”
“what a turnout…”
there are many without homes and he is worried about a big turn out?this hyena is a complete narcissist.
then this:

melania looks so lost.
he looks like he’d rather be playing golf.
i just…
the trumpettes,
as i call his rabid stanbase,
think he is really out here doing big shit.
i’m completely baffled.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “As Long As Trump Had A Big Turn Out In Texas Yesterday…”

  1. I saw this meme that said “Stilettos…Pumps…In…The Flood!” in regards and I literally fell out laughing lmao

  2. She is my spirit animal when it comes to styling.. I’m the same dude who will also wear shades indoors or when it’s raining/cloudy and will have folks come and ask me “why”? Because it’s an accessory for me! TUH! If the shits look good with my fit then I’d be damned not to wear it. Especially if I paid $100 for these Alexander McQueens Lmao

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