Was Blake Sciortino and “James Mitchell” In Chicago At The Same Time?

i got to give to the f-bi.
ya’ll good.
ya’ll know how to catch these attentionistos early.
so everyone meet blake sciortino.
he actually models.
forreal forreal.
not that ig modelling,
but he is signed to an alleged agency.

blake allegedly has another source of income tho.
this is what flew down my tumblr timeline earlier today

blake put his ig on private with the quickness after that.
in 2017,
finding out an attentionisto is allegedly escorting is not a shocker.
i’ve assumed for the right amount of money,
even the “don’t offend me because i’m straight” ones will…
…but at least they doing it the right way.
i’d rather get caught up escorting than getting banged for happy meals.
some of these other folks giving away free work could learn a thing or two.

lowkey: this is my reality tv.
ya’ll do “love and hiphop”.
i do “ig and snapchat”.

22 thoughts on “Was Blake Sciortino and “James Mitchell” In Chicago At The Same Time?

  1. It’s funny because the tumblr you got this from said they have even more tea on him that goes beyond escorting 👀.

  2. He’s either incredibly stupid or in desperate need of cash. One of his clients just left a 5-star rating confirming that the guy in the pics is indeed the guy who showed up. “Are photos accurate? – Yes they are.” Poor fella.

  3. Blake Sciortino escorts of course. Weren’t he and Raciel Castro in a relstionship or fucking each other some years back? Maybe I’ve said too much.

    And Castro Supreme is living with his white wife and daughter in Fort Lauderdale. If she’s cool with it, who are we to judge?

      1. He used to leave some outta pocket comments on Blake’s IG posts that implied more than friendship. Remember Raciel used to finesse these dudes on his webcam taking they money and not showing nothing in return lol.

      2. It was alleged that Raciel used to escort, and he liked older RICH men that spoiled him. For a while it worked, but he used to also scam people out of money as well with his webcam site…if you wanna call it that, because many people were trying to get their money back.

        A while back he tore a muscle in his arm and had to have surgery. He didn’t have insurance and put up a GoFundMe page. Shortly afterwards he was on his IG flaunting a new Mustang, a new puppy, some fancy jewelry, and dining in a fancy restaurant.

    1. I never heard of this one before, but Raciel does give me emotional like a gay man even though he’s parading a basic white chick around now.

  4. LOL… None of my business..

    Anyway J, I’ve sent you some Foxmail 😉
    Really need your advice!

  5. They likely fuck or “entertain” these gay designers for jobs so I’m not surprised.

    They often live in cities with the highest cost of living so I’m sure they do have to supplement income somehow. Lol

  6. Hmmm, I’m surprised either. It seems like a right of passage for these attentionistos to escort. So many of them do it. I have a friend of personal trains and is a aspiring writer/director and does it and strips on the side to pay of his student loans. If people are willing to spend the coins, why not.
    Just checked Blakes/James rentmen pg. Dude is into and down for a lot of things.

  7. What’s not surprising to me is that the pornstar Castro is on the first page still selling his…guess porn isn’t paying like it use too

    1. He used to strip at a club called Floopy Rooster before it closed in July. His dick is as big as a wood log and I can’t imagine who would take that.

      1. Chile many boys and girls have and loved it. Know one them who did personally and he said that it something it’s not what he expected….. Did not get where he thought it would be…But I ain’t t one to gossip so you ain’t heard that from me!

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