nicki minaj will sue you over that one she’s dating

*looks side to side at everyone in the foxhole*
she’s losing it.
i realllllllllly think she’s losing it.
so nicki minaj is fuming mad at the daily mail…
 jessie palmer.
she claims she’s gonna sue him too.
what he allegedly said about her on the “daily mail” show.
he put up mugshots and other tidbits about “the wolf she’s with”.
this is what she had to font on twitter…

and ig:

nicki feels like she can do,
and be whatever,
while no one should ever address the “queen”.
i’ve never seen other rap queens act like this.
queen latifah is forever humble and down to earth,
even when folks have questioned her sexuality.
nicki wants to date her alleged jailbird without any talk.
she wants to make excuses for his past nonsense:

…but she should know,
it’s turning off the general public.
  some of her barbz can’t defend her at this point.
she avoided dying on the hill with her alleged brother,
but now she’s on a whole new mountain with this one she’s dating.

i hope it’s gonna be worth it at the end.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “nicki minaj will sue you over that one she’s dating”

  1. I belive her issue with Jesse Palmer is what he said about her, relating to her brother not her boyfriend. Jesse said she “supported and defended her brother who raped an 11 year old girl.” She didn’t post bail for her brother. Her mother did after selling her house.Also to my knowledge Nicki never made a public statement defending him.

  2. I wish people would stop all this mess about the guy she’s with. People are making it seem as if shes has no choice but to be with him. At certain point folks should realize water seeks it own level. If thats who she chooses to be with then let her.

    I just really hope her mental health is okay. I mean this past year hasn’t been great for her at all and in the past she did struggle with the pills that she raps about. Nicki is one of my favorite artists. I pretty much have come of age to her music.

    1. ^i think nicki’s issue is her alleged nasty attitude.
      she doesn’t give off a friendly vibe outside of the antics.
      i’ve liked her music,
      but i can call a spade a spade too.
      i really believe she is experiencing karma at this moment.

      1. Call a spade with what facts? Have you met her? I am certain you have enough intelligence to be aware that you are just giving an opinion from the outside. You have no actual inside info. We indulge the shit you write because its entertaining. But don’t confuse that for validation. You have NO facts. I am not even a barb. You just getting out of hand and clearly have too much time on your hands

    2. Me too, she’s my favorite female rapper by a long shot. I remember being 12 years old when she blew up in 2009. So seeing all this is unsettling for me. Honestly I don’t agree with many things she’s doing as of late but thats my issue. She can do whatever with her life, she is a grown woman.

      I feel like she’s parading ole’ dude on instagram for attention though, and now she’s flipping out on people who speak on it on social media. I doubt she’s having a breakdown BUT I do believe that the hate-train has got to her. She’s human.

  3. I think you just need to get off Nicki’s case. Everyone has an attitude about something. You always trying to paint a narrative about her. Its getting lame.

  4. Jamari, I know you dislike Nicki for whatever reason but to say that’s she losing it simply because she’s pissed that a man on a national show lied on her, isn’t fair at all.

    The problem is that fans and haters don’t see Nicki has a human who is capable of making mistakes. People only see Nicki Minaj, the superstar.

    We expect her to handle all the hate she receives on a daily basis “like Beyoncé” but Beyoncé has been trained to be a star since she was a child. Nicki is not losing it… she’s pissed off.

    We gotta stop saying that black women are losing it or having a mental breakdown everytime they’re mad. It’s an odd and tired tactic.

    **with all due respect**

    1. ^lonely,
      i can see you are a nicki minaj fan.
      red flags are all the same with rose colored glasses on.
      it will be hard to convince any fan/stan what someone that was once a fan,
      or even had a little interest,
      see now that their glasses are off.

      nicki minaj is losing it in the sense she is being spitefully rebellious.
      in my head,
      she’s mad she backed her own self into a corner.
      she’s upset because the way she allegedly treated others is coming back to her.

      so yes,
      she is losing it in my eyes.
      if she was white,
      this would have been a different conversation.

      …and that was all due respect to you.

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