and the “king of rnb” goes to… (j. holiday?!)

remember when j. holiday came out with this gem?

i thought he was gonna go far.
boy was i wrong!
so jacquees claims he is the new “king of rnb”:


well j. holiday dusted himself off to respond to jacquees.
he gon’ say…

can’t we font about whoever asked if he was valet?
and he gonna respond about him being in a gucci jacket?
why would he even keep that in the video?
one of the “kings of r&b” wouldn’t be associated with the help.
so he’s been ruled out completely..
other rnb wolves came out to give their thoughts.

pleasure p:

bobby v:


august alsina:


tory lanez:

r. kelly:

a random kevin hart:

can we consider folks who use autotune “kings of rnb”?
i see a lot of princes,
and a few jokers in rnb right now.
i don’t see a king tho.
longevity would have to go to usher.
he has been around since the early 90s.
r. kelly (do we still count him?),
chris brown,
and trey songz have the longevity and are still moving units too.
anyone who doesn’t actually sing isn’t a king of anything.
that’s my opinion tho.
so i’ll ask the foxhole:

Who could get crowned the “King of RnB”?

lowkey: prince was r&b??????????

i thought he was pop like michael????

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14 thoughts on “and the “king of rnb” goes to… (j. holiday?!)”

  1. I’m struggling to think of on Jacquees song that isn’t a cover….. I mean the standard for music is so low these days I see why he’d think he is a king but….. I’m just going to go back to listening to Gerald Levert…..

  2. That Bobby guy is super cute. Usher is not the King. R.Kelly is, he just happens to be perv. Usher would be second….Tank is pretty funny ranking Trey below himself. I haven’t listened to this generations RnB and Pleasure P is silly if he thinks we have to embrace it.

    But R. Kelly “slays” them all hands down. I don’t even know who that other boy is talking bout a pimple on his face…sounds more concerned about his appearance and Jay Holiday’s last comment makes him sound like an uptight d**k.

    All in all…I guess they are probably good in each of their own ways…except the last one.

    1. ^r kelly is still in consideration to be the king of rnb?
      with his past?
      too bad because he made some really iconic songs.

      trey sells more than tank,
      but tank is a much better singer.
      he actually sings better than many on his list,
      but he doesn’t actually sell all like that.

      i guess it’s personal preference.

      1. I feel you about the R. Kelly. He may be a umm lover of the youngins but that doesn’t erase the fact that he put out some good music. It pretty much is a personal preference. I’m not gonna say R. Kelly ain’t have no talent because he does horrible things behind closed doors..

        But Tank is older and you know the industry likes them fresh (& sometimes lighter…🤫) A lot of folks in the music industry are where they at because of strings being pulled.

  3. 1st of all I don’t support kiddie lovers, woman beaters or herpes spreaders! So that whole tank list is cancelled and I’m gonna ex him out too cause I can’t even name a song my friend I’m on the phone with is naming his “popular” songs and I had to YouTube them only to realize I STILL DID NOT KNOW HIS MUSIC! These ninjas are all wack like you said what in the Prince not being mentioned is going on here? How about Luther? And all of them motherf******????

  4. Not only that you have rappers…. and I use that term loosely, who think they don’t have to write their own raps as long as the beat is nice and it charts. You have R&B singers again I use that term loosely who can’t sing live or without auto tune.

  5. Tank has a stronger vocal range than anybody else listed. Tank’s “gospel” tone outsings Usher’s whiny falsetto, Chris Brown’s autotune and Trey Songz’s goat grunting. People are confusing singers that “sound good” in the studio and singers they find attractive.

    Women love Chris Brown.
    Women love Usher.
    Women love Trey Songz.

    None of them EVER kill it live, vocally. Chris is always out of breath, off-key or lip syncing, but you all excuse it because he’s a great dancer.
    Same for Usher. People excused it because he is a good dancer.
    The standards for men are MUCH lower than women. A guy just has to take his shirt off and suddenly he can “Sang”.

    Having good songs does NOT make you a good singer! It means you have good producers and sound engineers.

    Ne-Yo is a great songwriter. Paper-thin voice.
    Omarion does NOT get enough credit for dancing like Chris Brown and Usher.
    Tank is like a male Kelly Price.

    If we’re being honest, all of these men aside from R Kelly are like Rihanna when it comes to music. You let it slide because of their LOOKS.

    There’s a reason Ruben Studdard never made it.

    I hate that Mario is never included in these conversations like many of these dudes didn’t model themselves after him. He has his off-key moments, but is a solid singer. He just gets ignored for some reason.

    August Alsina is nasally and whiny.

    Where is Lyfe Jennings, Anthony Hamilton, Joe, Aloe Blacc in this conversation???? Heck, even Tyrese!

    The only young people who I think had a chance but people never gave it to them were Tristan Wilds and Power’s Rotimi. They can sing..but nobody cares.

  6. These kids use the term “king” so loosely. It’s so comical. Looking at these “lists” it clear these people are extremely young and have no idea what R&B really is. Who raised these folks? R&B besides being rooted in rhythm is also anchored in love; a subject nearly any of the aforementioned artists sing about. Nearly all of there catalogs are rooted in sex, drugs and the degradation and sexualization of women. It is rooted in the culture of black people. R. Kelly has pillaged and destroyed to lives of so many black girls that if I had a say, he’d be king of his cellblock. Its very difficult for me to call Usher the King of R&B because throughout his career all he’s done was follow musical trends trying to get hits and made what ever music was popular that year. From R&B, to crunk, to pop to EDM, his catalog is all over the place. All the rest of them are simply DELUSIONAL AF. If you havent been in the game at least 20yrs are NOT a king or R&B and you can find a couch and sit. We dont know if they will be relevant or alive in the next 5-10yrs. Funny theres no mention of men like Marvin Gaye, Ron Isely, Luther Vandross, Gerald Levert, or Keith Sweat. Because they were truly rooted in R&B. Before you could get a hit just by adding that years fav rapper, before mainstream radio would fuck with R&B, before having vocal talent was optional. Before you had 10 writers on one song. This whole debate shows just how much black music has devolved and how titles get handed out undeservedly.

  7. To be fair, he did say that he was the king of RnB of this generation, so to compare him to acts that have been around for 10 years plus is a bit much… but he’s still not the modern day King, Queen, Prince, or Princess of RnB.

  8. I guess I am too old, because I have never heard of this Jacquees person, it took a friend to point out that I had probably heard his song and I have after he found it for me. Lawd. I just cant, I guess he wanted some publicity and he got that because everybody is talking. Sadly I would not rank Usher, Tank, Trey or Chris King of anything. They are all average at best. The only young artist who moves me is Jaheim and he was left off the list and his music is pretty much the only one beside Tank who is straight up traditional R&B. Also there is Anthony Hamilton, Joe, and Maxwell along with Eric Benet and El Debarge who will all sing these new R&B and some of the young season acts like Trey Songz, Usher and Chris Brown under the damn table. Hell if you want to give somebody the King title who has been around forever and can still bring it at damn near 70 years old, give it to Stevie Wonder. As someone on Instagram said, the titles are all filled since all the greats are in Glory and there are no new titles to hand out for both male and female. Hell I would put Omarion and Ray J before this Jacquees character and let me not forget another vocal beast Tevin Campbell. Maybe this debate will make them all step up their game and come back with some real R&B. RIP Teddy P, Luther V, Marvin G, Barry W, Michael J, Prince, James B, Sam C, Lou R, Jackie W the real Kings of R&B.

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