nicki minaj finds love in a hopeless jailbird?

for someone whose cookie is “good form”,
she sure sells it at the local bodega.
so nicki minaj continues to confuse me.
she is a beautiful vixen,
but she dates very questionable wolves.

Can she do better?

it’s a simple question.
well nicki allegedly has a new wolf.
his name is kenneth “zoo” petty.
it says “zoo”.
he’s rather…

i’m all for “11pm to 3am” entertainment,
since it’s something that sneaks in and out,
but this…

not only that,
according to “daily mail”:

Almost as soon as the Pink Print rapper shared the photo, reports of his sex offender status came to light.

Petty was convicted of first degree attempted rape in 1995, after a 1994 incident with a 16-year-old girl, according to public records from the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services.

According to records, Petty used a ‘knife/cutting instrument’ during the attempted assault.

He was sentenced to 18 to 54 months in state prison, but the records did not contain any information about how much time he served.

Kenneth’s trouble with the law returned once again in 2006, when he was convicted of manslaughter for killing a man named Lamont Robinson.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Petty shot Robinson ‘with a loaded handgun multiple times, thereby causing his death.’

He served seven years in jail, released in 2013.

so i have a question:

Has Nicki gone crazy?

why is she entertaining low hanging fruit?
someone like her could get any wolf she wanted,
but she goes ahead and bags the jailbird?
not only that,
but the sex-offending murderous jailbird.
does this one even have a job?
is she his suga mama?
did they meet during a court appointed visit?
i have questions.

ya know,
i know rapping vixens are still hood at heart,
but i’m gonna need her to pick better.
2018 has been a disastrous year for nicki.
i feel to vomit over what she’s gonna bring in 2019.

lowkey: has anyone noticed they really want her outta her?
some celebs aren’t hiding their disdain for nicki these days…

article: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “nicki minaj finds love in a hopeless jailbird?”

  1. He must have good dick, that’s the only thing I can think of, cause he ain’t even cute with them skinny legs!!! Ain’t no dick that good, plus he’s a criminal, she won’t be with him long.

  2. Nicki you my baby but gotdamn you gotta up your stock in the men you deal with. I’m starting to think she prefers Men under her and not alpha male. All that bread and still has the stereotypical young hood girl mentality still. Some Black women are just like her: beautiful, successful, financially stable YET aren’t attracted to their equals no matter how much they profess that they are. They’re attracted to men financially deprived who lack integrity, stability and etc. They think it’s their job to nurture and damn near rehabilitate these Men. So when Real Black Men approach them they’re turned off because he brings characteristics of a Real man that they’re not used to. Maybe they grew up in a environment devoid of a strong Male who was consistent. That’s sad to earn all these millions of dollars YET still stuck in a impoverished mindset

    1. Yea I think she likes hood men that are packing (safaree) and take care of them because she’s extremely dominant as a woman and a saggitarius (controlling). That’s why and meek didn’t work because she couldn’t control him.

  3. Nikki is so irritating with this slutty image. Looks like freaking porn. 🙄

    With that said, I still find her cute in the face and that man is not ugly at all…we don’t want to be “the pretty women have to go with “fine men,” type. We all know most of them fine men are probably rude and stay in the mirror more than a female does.

    The guy she got now might just treat her like a lady or .keep her in a good mood, though that pic of her bent over on the bed is just 🤪. I swear folks need to leave their private affirs private. We really need to kinda let go of these…date someone on your level type things at some point. It’s to the point where folks believe THEY deserve someone because of what they have material wise and it’s a key reason why most of them are either single or hopping from one relationship to the next. I even see guys bragging about having a degree, newest iPhone and this and that and still single looking like a lost duck.

  4. This is common for women, so many successful women in my family have men who’ve been to jail and/or felons. Jailbirds are fine I can’t lie lol (I was with one once, it was an intense sexual emotional good fling lol) they have a different mentality which I like, they are… let me cut this short, good to fuck. That’s it! A fling, maybe but relationships and marriage? Hell no! But the game jailbirds have should be taught in books lol

  5. Nicki knew this guy before she was famous. Its not something new. She liked a comment on Instagram of this dude’s friend even explaining their whole situation too. They’re not newly acquainted. Nicki knew of him for a long time.

    With that being said, do I find this whole thing questionable? Yes but its not my relationship soI won’t give it as much energy as the people on her instagram comments are. There’s an unfollow button for a reason. If Nicki is self-destructing then leave her be. She will learn from her mistakes eventually when shit hits the fan.

    All in all, I think she’s had enough. I won’t go as far as to say she’s spiralling out of control, but she seems over everything. I think the draggings since Shether and the surge of Cardi B while she is on the decline is finally getting to her. She realizes that the masses have lost interest in her as an artist and they’re ready to replace her as the “most popular rap girl” with Cardi B. For somebody like Nicki who has held that position for 7/8 years I know thats gotta sting.

    She’s at the point now where she’s 36, so age isn’t on her side in regards to this ageist industry and she’s damn if she does or doesn’t. Many people just aren’t interested in her musically. Her tour isn’t doing well at all, Future dropped out of it, many people in the industry have turned their backs on her in favor of Cardi B, zero grammy nominations despite submitting 19 songs to the Grammy committee, her album sales are at its worst etc.

    I know she’s feeling it no matter how much she tries to play “unbothered”. She’s human and can crack like us all. As a fan I don’t support all the shit she’s doing now or many of her past actions this year in particular, but I won’t throw her under the bus completely knowing all the hate she’s been receiving for the past year.

    Nicki has too much of an ego to admit that she’s bothered but any human will be slightly affected if they had to deal with what she dealt with publicly since Shether. I would say that she should go on hiatus and explore other ventures because clearly she isn’t receiving any love in the music biz despite how lyrically potent her verses are. However she has a tour in Europe in February so she has obligations to promote it. However with the low ticket sales of the tour in general I think she might cancel that too. Its either that or downsize from arenas to theatres or smaller venues because she isn’t packing out arenas like she once was 6 years ago.

    As much as I hate to say it, I think her time has passed tbh. It happens to every artist. Its normal. Thats why I think she should venture onto other things gracefully like the icon that she is. All this petty stuff is unnecessary. Female rappers careers never make it to 40. Not everybody can be Kanye, Jay Z or Pusha T rapping past 40. Age is crueler to women in society.

    She needs to disappear for a while, people love you again when you’re gone. Just look at Meek Mill after his prison stint.

    Throwback to the Nicki who the GP fell in love with

  6. Nicki should’ve kept this one private. Knowing how everyone is a detective these days. Hes not a bad looking guy by anymeans tho. Hes probably fuckin the shit outta her and shes loving it. Nothing worng with that. Nicki is such a beautiful woman by the way. She posted a video of her singing to some song i was like whoa. Ahe also looks like she has good pussy.

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