(butter his butt and call him a biscuit!) deangelo jackson finally does it!

so in very “it’s about time” news,
deangelo jackson became in a full “fox” in a recent showing.
this is my thought in gif form…

are we shocked?
he’s been doing a lot of foxy things while parading around as a wolf.
i’ve never been really into his wolf impersonation,
the jack rabbit movement and “why am i doing this?” facials…
he looked like he would be rather be doing something else.
it lacked passion.
wolves tend to have passion and not:

“Someone told me this was a good idea.”

he was more passionate on all fours looking back at the camera.
don’t even get my started with the toys.
so “eh”.
you can catch an early viewing on his ( x twitter ) now.

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “(butter his butt and call him a biscuit!) deangelo jackson finally does it!”

  1. I kinda am laughing because he started off bottoming in scenes wayyyy before twitter and tumblr. I always knew he was a vers/btm or like bttming. Like he was never really a top then he left the porn scene for a while then came back. He also wasn’t as muscular as we is now. He was smaller.

  2. Looking at him he is the total of a Brother I could Love! it is a shame that he likes a whiter shade of Pale! In time he will learn those Pale Dudes only want one thing from him and will use him up! I hope he finds out before it to late and he is worn out and replaced by something finer and Younger. Except for his great body and Cheeks his videos are boring. Yes he need a Brother that knows How To Work It!!

  3. Yawn. He needs to just take pictures because he is …sorry another yawn crept in…boring in porn. Great to look at

  4. I hear a lot of contrasting stories about him Some folks say he’s kinda rude and I’m seeing someone say he’s nice in here. I guess everyone has their days. He’s really nice to look at. A nice dark chocolate man, what more could you ask for?

    I saw his bottoming vid & I wasn’t turned on by it really. After watching him with a dildo, you can imagine who he is going to bottom for.

    He needs someone that is going to dig in his cakes like XL. That is what he needs…a man that’s gonna but it on him.

    1. I agree.. i knew what he finally bottomed it was gonna be for some rhythm-less non-black guy. God forbid he let another black man beat them cakes like they should be.

      1. He’s always given off that “I only date white or racially ambiguous light skin men” vibe to me. I remember him saying something to that effect on his tumblr years ago

        1. Yes, he said it and upholds it well. Notice how he was like the only black dude at the twerk contest, straight up murked all of the contestants and still lost to a twink with no rhythm. He has a better body and sex appeal and still lost. The hilarity.

        2. Of course. Remember he used to use white dildos and most of his large black fan base complained. If he made any illusion that he would top he made it clear that they person would be white or Latino.

          When ever someone says that, they mean the Latinos of a lighter skin tone or close to white.

          I was also amazed (or not) by that video where he lost the twerking contest to a twink. Think about that…dark wholesome, fully body dude with rhythm lost a twerk match to a twink with no body or moves.

          1. ^one of the reasons i wasn’t a fan of his midnight shows.
            he has an amazing body,
            but i always for the sense of not knowing what to do with it past being on all fours on a carpet

  5. well…ya know what…Good! he is going for what he wants. So many of us have spent soo much time and energy and angst working to unravel the bullshit that gets in the way of what truly makes us happy and fulfilled, up to and including other peoples’ fantasies/expectations/ stereotypes about what and who we are. Enough already. Besides, he’s been hinting at this for a while, and now he’s gettin his chittlins cooked instead of stirrin the pot for a change. Good for him….and for all y’all who finally doin you for you.

  6. I met Dangelo on The beach in Ft Lauderdale last year.. Really friendly, outgoing guy.. He was very engaging.. Of course his body is outstanding.

  7. I thought he was legit porn star already.. Noir male was getting some backlash for “fetishizing” black men.

    1. I got that vibe from them too. Its like every scene from them was the same kind of “BBC top” fucking a “defenceless” white guy senseless. It was cringey IMO and too predictable. I feel like stuff like this plays a part in the way black men are typecast in the gay community in general when it comes to dating/sex etc. Thats just my take on it at least.

      BUT I know there is an audience who likes this stuff so I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. I just don’t watch tbh

    2. @Mike

      Noir Male is a garbage porn site started by a drag queen called Chi Chi LaRue. They use condoms only because they are too cheap to test the models. And you’re right, the site uses old stereotypical themes in most of its scenes. Hot men but the site is lame af.

    3. Well by the name “Noir Male” they’re already fetishizing black men. Even though they’re playing into the fantasy some people have of seeing a black man fucking white man, they do switch it up sometimes (like having them flip). I personally prefer seeing the black guys flip each other.

  8. about time! all that ass showing and toy fucking was getting old. i’ll wait for the video on myvidster tho, should be soon LOL

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