These Chicks About To Fall In Love With Another Jailbird

screen-shot-2014-06-27-at-4-31-49-pmthis time,
this one is a celebrity related jailbird.
this one is elyjah marrow and he is related to ice t.
he killed his roommate.
oh no!
it was by accident tho…

Elyjah Marrow — grandson of rapper Ice-T was arrested after he accidentally shot and killed his roommate … TMZ has learned. 

Cops tell us … 19-year-old Marrow was fiddling with a handgun in his Georgia apartment Tuesday when it accidentally went off, fatally wounding roommate Daryus Johnson, who was also 19.

Marrow was charged with involuntary manslaughter, possession of firearm in the commission of a felony, and reckless conduct. He was also hit with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and possession of a stolen firearm. 

He is currently in custody.

LETS START THE FUND RAISER!fist-pump…yeah no.
here are a few more shots of elyjah:

he is gonna be a treat in the slammer.

article taken: tmz

6 thoughts on “These Chicks About To Fall In Love With Another Jailbird

  1. Didn’t Martin Luther King dream “Of the day that the content of your character is more important than the length of your dick”?

  2. Is it just me or does he look like he might get down? Without those curls, he’s my type of Fox. Those lips. Some big dude is going to wear him out.

    He looks innocent. I’ll bail him out. Y’all know he didn’t do that on purpose. Look at him lol. Does that look like the face of a killer to you? I’m just kidding.

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