Bow Wow, I Mean Shad Moss, Looking Like A Joint

tumblr_n7yaisZOP61r7993do1_500even tho bow wow shad moss can be lowkey annoying,
he isn’t an ugly short man.
no offense shad.
even in person,
he is just as attractive as well.
i see the appeal.
i love how he doesn’t age tho.
keep that up
(and share your secret in my dms).

and this is breaking news,
he isn’t going by bow wow anymore.
he is now shad moss.
he said this on instagram

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 6.24.17 PMtumblr_m7he65QDUA1r5o8k4o1_500um…
so i guess the rap career is dead as well?
i doubt we will ever stop calling him bow wow.
he looks like a “bow wow”.
“shad moss” sounds like it grows on the side of a tree.
no offense shad.
then again,
it worked for diddy.

lowkey: supahead said he can blow a back right on out.

video and quotes taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Bow Wow, I Mean Shad Moss, Looking Like A Joint”

  1. He will always be lil Bow Wow. He think he is a grown man now that he is smashing Ayisha(his new girl). I know what it is. She is a lot of woman tho so….

  2. Remember when that one chick Kat Stacks said Lil Bow Wow had a purple egg he liked using on his ass. lol I think he’s bi. He had to be smashing Omarion’s cakes. Them dudes was extra close. I consider them an unofficial couple. It’s a little too late to be going by Shad now. He should’ve done that back when he said he was dropping the “Lil” off of Bow Wow.

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