the cat who beat a dog named bow wow?

imagine this being the only damage in a mug shot compared to…
ya know,
at some point,
bow wow had to be humbled.
i did feel sorry for him during his suicide rants,
but he started doing way too much that he got ignored.
during this super bowl weekend,
he was arrested for fighting ^that vixen in atlanta.
her name is leslie holden aka kiyomi leslie.
she has been his current girlfriend.
well these are his injuries and the story via “tmz”…
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I’m More Interested in Shad Moss (Bow Wow) Skincare Regiment

you know i saw shad moss aka bow wow in real hd.
i thought he was fine af.
short af,
he looks even better in person.
my issue is this scandal he found himself in:

…to as you know,
getting allegedly caught up like this on someone’s snapchat:

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Bow Wow aka Shad Moss Has A Rant of Wisdom For His Peers


our favorite bi-racial and multifaceted talent,
bow wow aka shad moss,
had a rant a couple days ago.
the rant?
how his peers in the music industry need to get their shit together.
this is what he said via instagram
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Shad Moss Is A Mixed Breed

i feel like…
sometimes you can feel your hair follicles being pulled before a potential dragging.
shad moss,
or bow wow to everyone,
should have ignored answering the following tweets.
so he got asked about who he was voting for.
shad claims he doesn’t care about voting because…
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Shad Moss Should Join Tinder

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 1.57.17 PMi might be the only one who thinks shad moss is cute.
even though he still looks 16,
i’m sure the stroke is 28 years old.
well shad has been with a lot of vixens.
he recently broke up with erica mena and she can’t shut up about it.
well he is allegedly messin’ with someone new.
he posted this on twitter
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Shad Moss Should Pay His Tithes Tomorrow


what is a way to hurt a wolf?
drop the “gay” bomb on his ass.
no seriously.
if you are an angry vixen,
the best way to destroy his reputation is to insinuate that he is gay.
then again,
you’re also destroying your own in the process.
no one likes the messy “hag”.
well that is what erica mena did to her ex-fiance,
shad moss.
bow wow for those who are slow.
these are the tweets compliments of mto
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