Bow Wow aka Shad Moss Has A Rant of Wisdom For His Peers


our favorite bi-racial and multifaceted talent,
bow wow aka shad moss,
had a rant a couple days ago.
the rant?
how his peers in the music industry need to get their shit together.
this is what he said via instagram

tumblr_lg0se0frnp1qgrzo6o1_400well he is absolutely right.
i don’t get:

the 2-3 hours late concert times
paying 800 just to sit somewhere close to nosebleeds
“don’t look me in the eyes when i’m walking past” nonsense
“i only take pictures with light/exxotical vixens”

now bow wow could be talking about this stunt a while ago:

out of control.
to think,
i was gonna go to see him next month with the pretty vixen.
she sent me this video and i was completely turned off from going.
i never understood anyone who is blessed to have fans,
whether it’s rich or some random attentionisto/nista,
would treat them like shit.
if it wasn’t for us,
these artists/celebs/attention(whatever) would be nothing.
i’ll allow bow wow’s rant of wisdom.
i hope he doesn’t do some random dumb shit to turn us off next week.

lowkey: now does his rant only apply to “straight” fans?
it’s a whole other story when it comes to the gay ones.

screen shot/header picture taken: ig

6 thoughts on “Bow Wow aka Shad Moss Has A Rant of Wisdom For His Peers

  1. This is why i don’t support pop artists. They think they should be worshipped. They saw what happened to Elvis, the Beatles, and MJ and they all think they deserve to have fans faint in the isles. At the height of his career, MJ never did his fans dirty! #learn

    1. Mike Never acted this way. You’re absolutely right. It’s the reason that I only pay spotify. Learned in the social media age that I can enjoy your music while not supporting your fuckery in my own ways

  2. Wow Bow Wow almost had me till you made me remember the crap he has pulled with Gay “fans”.

    While I love Kayne’s music his attitude and way of thingking has been this way for years now. Add Chris brown to that as well if it wasn’t for the fact that he used to be cute, he’s high yella, and makes popular music he fwould have been gone awhile ago. but he legions of distorted female fans who let him get away with it.

  3. Shad and wisdom in the same thought process?…well damnt, I guess I’ma have to allow it too cause he’s right, I don’t get y’all who support these fools, esp the highlighted example above…I spotted checkin for him yeeeears ago, unh uh can’t do it…If you think, let alone say you’re great, you’re not….

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