i have a feeling…
that if “chester cheeto” trump gets elected president next week…

…there will be a lot more of these “running off stages” for the next 4 years.
just a hunch.
they gonna have his orange tail behind a bullet/tomato proof glass permanently.

7 thoughts on “RUN, CHEETO, RUN!!! (FOR PRESIDENT!)

  1. yeah his son tweet.. “Hillary couldn’t stand the rain and went home… His dad was almost assassinated and came back on stage”
    They all are such liars and buttholes.

    Trump may need a POPE MOBILE.. tho.. lol
    I pray he doesn’t win any of the blue states.

    1. Lol, yeah I’ma need them to go through a few more expedient training exercises cause that right there appeared sloppy…but then again, naw never mind….no need in wasting more of our $ cause he’s not gonna win and we only got a coupla days until our national sigh of relief….I think we can risk those two days for this POS

      1. Remember this is Donald Trump. That whole thing could’ve been staged. I wouldn’t put it past them. The Secret Service men have to do what they’re told, and could’ve been left in the dark, because SUPPOSEDLY they interviewed the “culprit” in a bathroom. A bathroom?! Really?!
        This whole thing smells phony to me.

      2. god help us if that comes to fruition. We will be seriously fucked, and people will see too late, that this man doesn’t give two fucks about them…and we will have the most divisive government ever because not only will he go against Democrats, he will go against his own party to get/do things his way. He will go after people that talked about him…because he’s THAT petty.
        Tomorrow I will pray the hardest I’ve EVER prayed that this man does not win the Presidency.t

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