don’t ask preacher kenneth copeland about his plane, like, ever (seriously, never)

this jackal looks like the stuff of nightmares.
he looks like a boss that would be in little nightmares.


so i have a question for the foxhole:

Why does a pastor need an airplane?

…and with this airplane,
do you allow your congregation to ride on it too?
i already know the answer.
preacher kenneth copeland,
who is pictured ^above,
nearly ate this reporter alive for asking about his plane:

the way he looked at her <<<<<
hee bees to the fuckin’ jee bees.

i thought he was gonna dislocate his jaw and pounce on her.
he explained how he felt in his sermon shortly after…

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so you wanna f*ck your co-worker? lets font about it…

as you know,
i have had my share of “males i wanted to fuck at work“.
the main work wolf saga brought many of you to my yard.
it’s no shocker that we may find some of our co-workers fine.
there is always a fine-ass co-worker OR the one that’s “cute by default“.
if we do end up smashin’ them,
we may end up fuckin’ up our money and mental health in the end.
so i did the foxhole a solid.
i made pros and cons about workplace fuckin’…

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he is teasing you with showing partly his ass

we meet him,
we like him,
we wanna be with him.

…and end scene.
i don’t know if you’re like me,
but i am easily turned off as i am turned on.
i might really dig someone,
fall head first into these crazy crushes,
but the moment he does something that makes me have to side eye tf outta him,
he’s pretty much cancelled for me.
i’m very weary to dealing with fuck shit these days.
i was thinking about something that i wanted to share with the foxhole.
if dude is treating you like that now…

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i have a feeling…
that if “chester cheeto” trump gets elected president next week…
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Kill, Forgive, or Run Away

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.06.05 PMwhat is a fox to do?
no really…
what are we supposed to do?
on one end,
you want to kill the entire situation dead.
on another,
you want to work it out and forgive..
rih and b got us all fucked up.
i guess the answer is…

Do whatever your heart tells you to do.


…just don’t go murdering fuck-jackals who broke your heart.
that jail thing…
no bueno.

If Beyonce Can Get Nekkid, Then So Can Amber and Kim

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.44.13 PMamber rose!
why would you?
so ever since amber rose and kim kardashian buried the hatchet,
amber has been doing a lot of “kapin’ for the kardashians”.
as you know,
or don’t,
amber is all about her “slut walk” campaign.
it’s a vixen’s life to sexual freedom and nakedness.
well she had a thought that has been confusing her.
it involved beyonce.
you already know how this ended up.
this is what amber said via uproxxx
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