don’t ask preacher kenneth copeland about his plane, like, ever (seriously, never)

this jackal looks like the stuff of nightmares.
he looks like a boss that would be in little nightmares.


so i have a question for the foxhole:

Why does a pastor need an airplane?

…and with this airplane,
do you allow your congregation to ride on it too?
i already know the answer.
preacher kenneth copeland,
who is pictured ^above,
nearly ate this reporter alive for asking about his plane:

the way he looked at her <<<<<
hee bees to the fuckin’ jee bees.

i thought he was gonna dislocate his jaw and pounce on her.
he explained how he felt in his sermon shortly after…

i never heard of this preacher before but whatever it is they said he did:

it’s wild to me how people will sit up in a church and be okay with this.
they’ll talk behind the pastor’s back but be there bright and early.
if my sunday offerings helped you get a plane,
ima needs to be on that plane too.
he preaching in a cornfield in idaho?
we all flying there too.

lowkey: all jokes aside,
this person is creepy af.

7 thoughts on “don’t ask preacher kenneth copeland about his plane, like, ever (seriously, never)

  1. I can honestly say that I do not feel for the folks who buy into the words of these folks. They should know better.
    If I see that you are living better than me, with an extravagant lifestyle, you can best believe you won’t be getting anymore of my coins. So if your pastor, reverend, bishop or whomever is riding around in style while you live paycheck to paycheck, and you religiously continue to donate to said lifestyle…so be it. You should know better, even if they don’t.
    The pastor of my former church took money to buy a few homes (without the congregations knowledge) where it was said that he kept his “side family” and side chicks…but the congregation wouldn’t believe it, even when receipts were pulled. That church was a hot ass mess, and still is.

  2. Wtf…giving very much real life “Supernatural” villain. Someone call the Winchester brothers 🙏 It’s the on and off smiles for me. Also not him getting upset at his OWN statement 🙄 Sir you said what you said and you meant what you said…just stop. Nothing he was saying was making any type of sense whatsoever. And shoutout to the reporter for highkey exposing him and standing her ground. Love reporting like that ❤

  3. Just like Malcolm said above, Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes, etc. have been around for ages, preaching the “prosperity gospel.” And then fear-mongering people to give away their hard earned money to them!!! Don’t even get me started on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). 🤨 All they do is scam people out of their money! And you’re correct Jamari. Kenneth Copeland does indeed look demonic. Because when the pandemic was happening, there’s a video of him threatening to “blow the coronavirus away!” I HOLLERED!!!! lol 🤣 But these false preachers are being exposed! And I’m all here for it!

  4. Kenneth Copeland has been around for ages but after a certain time period that Man began looking demonic. Twitching faces, etc. He came up during the time Benny Hinn, another crazy Televangelist. Copeland is trash. He was like the Blueprint for those awful prosperity message preachers. Encourages heavy tithes giving in his church. Promised one time to deliver aide to Haiti on his jet after the earthquakes and NEVER DID. Grade A piece of shit and a fanatic with his extreme Republican beliefs

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