is cleiton lobo an alleged violent drunk that doesn’t take accountability?

ya know,
i like when i take my days off.


…and you know i love mess.
this time,
a foxholer updated me on some mess involving cleiton lobo.
his mask may have flown off quick.
i saw this on my notifications as i turned on my phone:

cleiton is an alleged violent “maybe bisexual” drunk mess.
alexandré valenzuela aka @alexjairus came with all kinds of receipts…

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that bawdy looks good until you can’t control it.
he probably has the strength of a crackhead when drunk.
the worse part is not taking accountability for his actions.
he to’ up that hotel and when it was time to talk funds,
his response was:

“I don’t owe you anything buddy.
Have a nice day.”

he better be glad they didn’t keep him in jail forever out there.
he’d be turning tricks with thai twinks for a bar of soap.
i don’t know why americans go to strange countries acting a damn fool.
i also have some questions:

Do these folks make these “models” off IG sign contracts?
Making sure they are liable for any damages or no-shows?

i know many who have gone off of “he is cute” or “ima try to smash”.
when hiring these “models” for business,
they need to sign a cute contract.
if alex has to take cleiton to court,
he would be fucked if he signed a contract.
other than that…


as with anyone on social media,
we truly don’t know these people.
this is why i don’t do stan wars over celebrities.
we don’t know these folks on a personal level.
what i’ve started to do with these walking jack-off materials:

Look at the pics/videos,
enjoy the fantasy,
but don’t bring any emotions into it.

lowkey: i know he aint leave his job as a dental assistant to be out here acting like a moron.

9 thoughts on “is cleiton lobo an alleged violent drunk that doesn’t take accountability?

  1. I hate to say it but I knew he was trouble when he posted that homophobic video you shared in a prior post. Something was off about him, despite his obvious good looks. Sounds like he’s a dangerous hot mess who should get some psychological help, ASAP. If fear of people finding out about him “kissing a guy” made him go off like this, just imagine what he’d do if he feared people learned that he had sex with another man? (Not saying he did, just a hypothetical.)

  2. wait, so this all started cause he “kissed a guy” and didn’t want them to find out but…how would they have found out to begin with had he not done all that?

  3. Wait…that damage list is ridiculous!! $55K for 2 TV’s?!! $28K for 2 dining table chairs?!

  4. When they look that good, sometimes that wiring ain’t right. Why would you cut a fool in a foreign country? Hopefully he gets the help he needs

    1. ^ i don’t why why folks go to other countries and act a fool like they won’t throw them in a prison to be never seen again.

      weird flex.

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