is cleiton lobo an alleged violent drunk that doesn’t take accountability?

ya know,
i like when i take my days off.


…and you know i love mess.
this time,
a foxholer updated me on some mess involving cleiton lobo.
his mask may have flown off quick.
i saw this on my notifications as i turned on my phone:

cleiton is an alleged violent “maybe bisexual” drunk mess.
alexandré valenzuela aka @alexjairus came with all kinds of receipts…

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Just Being White, You Will Win At Life

tumblr_nulourif2Z1uu9fqho1_500well i didn’t say it.
take that “look” to the article.

its funny how other races are also color struck.
you would think that shit only happened in america.
well we know the latin animals won’t even look at you if you are darker.
hell the ones from spain will look down on the ricans and domincans.
well who knew thailand also had “light/dark” color issues?
well this company called seoul secret is under fire for their beauty ad.
they are promoting a pill called “snowz” that will turn you white.
that already sounds like a armageddon within your body.
check out the future via cnn
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