Just Being White, You Will Win At Life

tumblr_nulourif2Z1uu9fqho1_500well i didn’t say it.
take that “look” to the article.

its funny how other races are also color struck.
you would think that shit only happened in america.
well we know the latin animals won’t even look at you if you are darker.
hell the ones from spain will look down on the ricans and domincans.
well who knew thailand also had “light/dark” color issues?
well this company called seoul secret is under fire for their beauty ad.
they are promoting a pill called “snowz” that will turn you white.
that already sounds like a armageddon within your body.
check out the future via cnn


It’s hard to imagine anything more blatant than this.

A new Thai beauty ad claiming white skin is the key to success has unleashed a storm of criticism in Thailand, especially online, where people complain the ad perpetuates damaging, racist ideas.

“Just being white, you will win,” says Cris Horwang, a smiling pale-skinned actress, in the 50-second spot by Seoul Secret, a Thai beauty company.

Without the advertised pill, “the whiteness I have invested in, will just vanish,” she warns.

On screen, the actress’ expression turns despondent as her skin is digitally altered to turn black.

Horwang promises that the product, called Snowz, “will help you not to return to being dark.”

“Eternally white, I am confident,” she adds.

On Friday evening, Seoul Secret pulled the video from its online platforms and issued a statement.

“(We) would like to apologize for the mistake and claim full responsibility for this incident. Our company did not have any intention to convey discriminatory or racist messages,” it said.

“What we intended to convey was that self-improvement in terms of personality, appearance, skills, and professionality (sic) is crucial.”

Skin whitening products are popular in many Asian countries including Thailand.

Yet that didn’t stop viewers from reacting with repulsion.

“I think it’s really ugly — I couldn’t believe this kind of ad is still coming out in Thailand,” Yukti Mukdawijitra, a professor of sociology and anthropology at Thailand’s Thammasat University, told CNN.

Mukdawijitra said the ad reflected a pattern of racism that’s existed in Thailand for “centuries,” in which lighter-colored skin has been seen as a marker of privilege and status within the multi-ethnic society.

But this has been compounded by the influence of the West.

“Thai society wants to be a part of international society, so ideas of beauty are transferred from the West to Thailand as well.

“Those who look Western, those who are white, those who have bodies that look like Westerners’, become preferable — in a way, people in Thailand internalize a colonial attitude into themselves.”

More than a harmless aesthetic preference, this kind of thinking exacerbates social inequality, he said.

“It’s fine that you prefer white colors, but it doesn’t makes sense to prefer being white.”

Online, commenters echoed the indignation.

“I have finished watching it. It is not ok,” read a comment on a Pantip, a popular Thai internet forum. “They forced us to suck this twisted logic. Created the wrong value. Promoted the madness in being white.”

This isn’t the first time a Thai ad has drawn accusations of racism.

In 2013, a Dunkin Donuts ad campaign in Bangkok’s train system showed a woman with her face painted black with the slogan ‘Break every rule of deliciousness.” The company later apologized.

That same year, ads for a skin-whitening cream by Unilever suggested the company would offer university scholarships to students with fairer skin.

The ads sparked a wide debate about skin color, and the company said it hadn’t meant to “suggest racial discrimination,” while apologizing for any “misunderstandings.”

tumblr_inline_o09h1lF2vG1sxlpnw_500this sounds like the future in “insta-thot product promotion”.
fuck teeth whitening or shitting your stomach flat,
lets all take pills so we can be white!
seriously why does the darker model look like she been in a mud pit?
i didn’t even thai folks even got that dark anyway.
this pill sounds like potential cancer and rapid hair loss.
i learned a lot reading that article tho.
 people hate being dark,
but then my question is…

Why go tan?

they will all sit in the sun to look like a burnt pork sausage.

tumblr_nmzkm94yR71r35scto3_400i’m baffled.

lowkey: i love being black.
black wolves.
black vixens.
black is just beautiful and pops when we glow.
bright colors look so vibrant on darker fur.

we come in an array of colors.
shame other races,
and even some of our own,
can’t get with that.

article taken: cnn

15 thoughts on “Just Being White, You Will Win At Life

  1. Tbh skin bleaching is mostly looked on as taboo in the Western countries/region (US, Canada, Europe) where the majority of white people reside. In other countries such as Asian and foreign black countries (Caribbean Islands and many African countries) people have no shame in their bleach game. I have aunties and uncles who do it. Of course not everyone there is for it, but I’m just saying it’s not that deep over there. Many of the very big named celebrities shamelessly bleach their skin. I’m personally not for it because it looks cancerous, has long-term damaging effects and mainly because I love my cedar toned skin. But to each their own

  2. You’re just hearing about this situation Jamari? You should look more into it, it’s crazy. I’m a complete nerd for gaming, I was curious because Korea has the best. 🙈

    For example, you can view videos of people talking about their life there on YouTube. Black people will tell you about how people will walk up and feel their skin/hair, how some people gasp when seeing them. Lots of white men tell you about how the Asian women be all on them, like a fetish.

    It’s been that way forever. It’s just never been important to the media. 😒

    1. ^^ It’s crazy to see how the world perceives skin/hair etc. This is why I tend to refer to these views as: “pandemic” and talk about it in a global context. This world is F*CKED! What’s scary is not their obvious views of black people, but their views of White, people, like almost is a praise-like view. They’re nothing special, so I don’t see the obsession, but it’s just crazy how prominent these views are in a global context. Like, I have enough to deal with with people’s perspectives about skin and race, I couldn’t imagine having to have to deal with with my sexuality too on a daily! The world doesn’t have the capacity to comprehend these things.

      Speaking of Koreans being the best at video games, I play a popular MOBA (casually) and you’re not kidding! They kick ass at that! Insane! They take gaming so serious there!

      1. ^im still stuck on the fact people in those countries come in “dark”.
        i always assumed,
        and excuse my ignorance,
        that they all came in the same shade.
        i don’t know what a darker Asian even looks like…

      2. Tbh, I’m not exactly sure if it’s a rare thing to be dark for them, I think it may depend on the region they grew up in and genetics as well, but yeah, the global idea is: If you look (in any way) different from my perceived notion of “normal”, then you are “ugly, second class, yada, yada” Couple that with ideas passed down from colonialism etc that dark skin,=ugly, plus media saturation and conditioning and other cultural contexts, makes for the world we have today! This is a global problem! Don’t even get me started on this and sexuality! Woo! People just can’t seem to let these things go!

      3. I also think when they’re talking about bleaching, it’s more about “dark for them” or being “lighter than the norm= pretty”. To us, as black people, we probably think they’re all light, but from their perspective, even if they’re slightly olive toned, that might be considered dark, in contrast to the ivory type skin that is desired there. Remember they’re not aiming to be a “normal” shade of white. Like most humans, they want what is seemingly unattainable or rare, which is considered “beautiful”. It’s certainly not a realistic ideal.

        They don’t want to be the “ordinary” Korean, it’s almost as if they want to be a Super-Korean caricature. But thats goes across the board for most standards of beauty around the world! A “super- caricature” of the average is considered “beautiful” or sometimes the same features would be considered “hideous”, depending on the influences of the relevant time!

  3. I remember seeing a program about an o erweight girl in India. She was more concerned about having light skin than losing weight and was prepared to have a better life because of her lighter skin.

    Some believe that whiteness is close to holiness. Really Asia is no surprise. Places like Jamaica though. I hear they are trying skin bleaching over there now..

    I don’t get it but mmkay. I love a brown and chocolate man!

  4. Asia is miles more bolder than the West when it come to colorism. They will bluntly tell you “Your dark ass will not get far in our society. ”

    I’ve been following the Asian music industry for awhile and it seems that the lighter skinned individuals are highly represented while most of the countries in darker skinned. And this goes back for 4000 years so you can’t really blame Europe for this.

  5. This happens all over the world! Brazil, America, South Africa, America, India, etc! The darker skinned people are never the faces of the country, but are usually the ones who encompass it.

    1. ^^^^ Ive said this in a post a long time ago, but to sum it up. This is EVERYWHERE, and nothing new!

      1. You guys are so right. I couldn’t believe when I learned in college about the Indian Caste discrimination and how supposedly darker skinned Indians are always considered lower class. And I damn near fell out my chair when I learned about the Mestizo/Mulatto shit in Mexico – how they used to breed darker lineages lighter and for every shade lighter they got, they had a different name to label them. Been happening for so long all around the world. The asininity needs to stop.

  6. I’m more surprised that you are surprised, J. In Asia there’s definitely a color-stuck. All of the Asian beauty products have whitening o bleach in them that how desperate they are to have white skin. In the Philippines, they have Filipinos who have afro and brown skin which they are called Negritos and they received a lot harsh treatment because they don’t have lighter skin.

    In Japan they had their first black Miss Japan which some of these Japanese people weren’t happy about,

  7. I’ve known about products like this in Asia for awhile, I was surprised but sadly that’s the way the world seems to think. a few years ago there was this show where they were interviewing young women from South Korea on beauty in America and they all choose white women and stated that they think Alicia keys was pretty because of her light skin.

    1. ^wow thats sad.
      i often wonder how many people of other races judge us in their heads?
      like we meet these people,
      they’re so friendly,
      but do they really “like us”?

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