The Chosen One For Cam Newton

camnewso as you know,
 cam newton is a brand new “daddy”.
well not to me,
but to a new cub.
he named him:

chosen sebastian newton

uh huh.
well he explained why he named his cub that via the washington post

Cam Newton had a memorable 2015 for many reasons. His biggest highlight, however, was probably when his son, Chosen, was born on Christmas Eve. (Second was probably leading the Carolina Panthers to a 15-1 regular season finish.)


After a several weeks of silence, the favorite for NFL MVP explained during a Friday news conference why he went outside the box when naming his son.

“I wanted something that would be masculine, but yet unique,” Newton told reporters Friday. “I’m not a big fan of juniors and every person that I’ve had this conversation when I say ‘I don’t want to have the pressure of him being a junior’, they reply, ‘What the hell do you think Chosen’s going to bring?’ ”

chosen is…
tumblr_mux8goCWsh1rome1po8_250who knew!
well if he likes it; i loves it.
congratz cam!

lowkey: at least he didn’t name it after a color or a direction.
cause you know…
those are popular.

article found: the washington post

Author: jamari fox

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