The Owner of Those Chesticles

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i love me some chesticles.
i also like a wolf that knows how to wear clothes that accent it.
why work out if you gonna hide your bawdy?
stop the nonsense.
well remember ( x this entry )?
the foxhole came through with a lead.
everyone meet chidi,
he allegedly works “pr” in la…


i love his style.
i mean,
facially he may not move the meter for others.
┬áme tho…
Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 7.07.13 PMthat bawdy would not be a problem.
if he was a little taller tho…

lowkey: his squad looks like they are in the foxhole.
i could be wrong…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “The Owner of Those Chesticles”

  1. I know he has a Tumblr account and he’s Nigerian-American. I agree his face doesn’t move me either, but that’s why he got a beautiful body for.

  2. Well, the comment that struck me about him was that he was a well known thot, nice ass with health status unknown. I suppose by heath status, HIV status is meant. I found and find his nose and his lips to be attractive. He probably uses his sex appeal to get sex–making him a thot (That Ho Over There).

    1. Wouldn’t that depend on how often and how many the “sex appeal” was used to have sex? The person who mentioned him being a “well known thot” never did provide receipts. I’m just saying…

      1. exactly..make on mistake about it- these boys know exactly what they are doing.Don’t mind the ‘ladies only’ notice or the ‘shout out to the females ‘bullshit. They are open for EVERYONE..just make sure the blinds are down and the lights are off !

  3. Gym bodies don’t do much for me, which is why most of the Meat entries bore me. It’s like watching the same thing over and over. I work out and try to keep fit and eat healthily. But most of these bodies are unattainable for most people. These are usually skinny guys with no body fat who bulk up. That being said I like this guy’s style and the fact he has a face that looks like most African Americans. He is very handsome in fact. Fuck I’m tired of looking at what the media pushes on us as the beauty standard…light skin (read Jamari’s more recent entry for more on that).

  4. Figures….dark skinned brother with clear African features, and the narrative is, “His face isn’t all that, but we like his body”. I swear gay men have white supremacy color issues more than any other group. If he were light skinned with the exact same features, I suspect we’d be having a different conversation.

    Just my thoughts.

    Dark skinned=”sexy” Light skinned=”beautiful”

  5. Granted, I’m speaking for myself but I instantly thought he was sexy, attractive, cute – all that. LoL That skin tone with those prominent features – I don’t even wanna think about hoew far gone I’d be.
    but waymint… he’s friends with Randy B!?!?! *gushes*

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