the cracks behind the filters are closer than they appear

i’m actually kinda glad cleiton lobo got exposed yesterday.
not because i am trying to create chaos,
but it serves as another learning lesson

Many people look at these folks on socials and think they are perfect.
WE constantly try to tame our body dysmorphia by comparing ourselves.
Some of us will even go broke trying to keep up appearances.
“If we don’t look or act like this,
we won’t get to sit at the tables.”
A majority of the gays will prop them up as perfect vessels from God’s special clay.

there is a reality behind all of that.
remember: there is always a story.

People need to see that.

they need to see that folks have flaws.
that they are addicted to drugs,
get violent when they’re drunk,
or are absolutely snoozers in bed outside of being a fantasy.
we need to see the racism,
and hatred hidden behind the “positive social captions”.
we need to see the lines,
crow’s feet,
and stretch marks.
it’s humbling.
i saw an article where they were talking about kim kardashian.
how she doesn’t look like her filters and she isn’t real.
am i the only one who thinks she looks good without filtering?

“Social media isn’t real.”

 many of us go to play pretend until the cracks are exposed.
the lands of digital make-believe within perfect pixels.

Thats perfect cause I know what I’m getting in real life.

id rather learn my potential manz has flaws.
i have flaws and i don’t want to feel like i can’t because he is “perfect”.
i need to know if he is a raging black-out violent drunk too.

so yeah,
i’m glad he got caught up yesterday.
he does dumb shit like the rest of us.
don’t beat yourself up anymore.

lowkey: they are about to drive some insane ( x with this tiktok filter ).

article about kim kardashian: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “the cracks behind the filters are closer than they appear”

  1. Word. Great post. So many people are dazzled by the curated lives they see online. The beauty, the success, the happy facades. Behind some of them there is real beauty, success, happy lives. But behind others there’s a lot of rot, struggle, faking, scamming, etc. The thing is, once upon a time we functioned without social media and while we faced challenges we were able to function. But now social media is devouring people’s consciousnesses. It’s scary, but I fear it’s only going to get worse because social media companies are geared to make profits and they do so by keeping people hooked and addicted. And if you don’t have critical viewing and reading skills, how are you going to be able to make sense of what’s real and what isn’t?

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