jk rowling thinks being 14 is too young to change your gender

hogswart legacy made (  x 850 million in global sales ).
many on twitch were protesting how they weren’t gonna play.
i knew when xqc played it with no fucks to give,
that was pretty much over.
if anyone thought a boycott would stop the power that is harry potter

I got a bridge to sell you in BK.

harry potter will always be a millennial/z favorite.
outside of social media,
many don’t know (or even care) about the controversy with jk rowling.
it goes to show there is a whole forest outside of twitter and its opinions.
jk rowling is on a podcast called “the witch trials of jk rowling“.
she has been speaking her personal truth about her infamy.
in the latest,
she said that 14-year-olds are too young for gender change

JK Rowling says 14-years-old is too young for people to decide whether or not they are ready to change gender.

JK told ‘The Witch Trials of JK Rowling’ podcast: As an adolescent… I questioned my sexuality, thinking, ‘Well, I can tell my friends are pretty. Does that mean I’m gay?’

“I grew up to be a straight woman, but I’ve never forgotten that feeling of anxiety around my body.

“I didn’t feel like I fitted in. Aged 11 or 12 I looked very androgynous with short hair and I was acutely anxious about my changing body and became aware it was attracting attention that I didn’t welcome, particularly from boys at school.”

“I don’t believe that even a 14-year-old can truly understand what the loss of their fertility is. At 14 I would have said that I didn’t want children but (motherhood) has been the most joyful, wonderful thing in my life.

“I couldn’t have comprehended that and would have had no idea about what I was giving up… there will be a minority of people for whom this will be solution.

“But in the numbers, particularly of young people that we are currently seeing coming forward, I find cause for doubt and concern.”

at 14,
i was struggling with my sexuality but i was still a kid.
i think i was still collecting happy meal toys tbh.
all the boys in my classes were already up and fuckin’.
many were fuckin’ their girlfriends or older (or way over age) vixens.
i thought dicks were gross and wondered if being gay meant wearing drag.
on tv,
all i saw as representations were stereotypes or villains who spread aids.
religion made me think i was gonna fly head-first into hell too.

So I fought that and did as the other straights were doing.

the legal age to drink is 21.
we can start working age is 16.
to have consensual sex is 18 (in most states).
at 14,
we are way too young to know what we truly want yet.
we have an idea but still working out the kinks.
i think thats the age we start high school,
that can change as we get older and gain more experience.
she didn’t say anything wrong.
it’s pretty much common sense.
folks will find a problem with it tho.
i don’t think she cares.

lowkey: do ya’ll ask your straight friends with kids their thoughts on this stuff?
how they’ll handle their kids coming out/trans/pronouns?
i think it’s important for us in the community to ask these questions.
for some,
we might need to step in and protect their kids.

( x you can listen to the podcast here )

article cc: national post

9 thoughts on “jk rowling thinks being 14 is too young to change your gender

  1. Jamari our experiences are soooo different, at 14 I was already suckin’ one of my friends dick 😮‍💨😩 i was a lil fast ass, but I definitely knew what I wanted lol

    1. ^ i was so shy and legit scared 🤣
      there were boys at school i thought were cute but i kept a wall up and my distance.

      i was very curious about sex tho.

    2. Yeahhhhh…same here 🙋🏾‍♂️not for nothing Lml. Hell at eight I was fascinated with Johnny Bravo 😂 By twelve I absolutely knew I liked boys. Everyone has different experiences growing up though. All our stories are not the same. I for one don’t think anyone can or should speak on what it means to be transgender or how things should go about being transgender if you did not have the same experiences growing up unless you are a professional on the matter or some sort and many of us are not so. Cause while I played around with my moms makeup and liked wearing her high heels from time to time when I was a kid I grew out of that and still identified full well as a male/boy. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or confused with the sex I was born as at all and thus this is why I don’t judge people who go through those issues. Who am I to give input about that when I can’t relate. It’s already confusing and scary enough growing up and realizing you like the same gender which is taught as against “the norm” (very heavy on the quotation marks) so just imagine what a trans person goes through not feeling right in the body they’re born with. I actually kind of think they got it worst tbh. What JK said during this podcast is far better than what she had stated initially about her views on trans people I will give her that. Before she came off hella ignorant. I, too, agree that 18 is the best age for someone to finalize a big decision regarding their lives but then again there are people who are in their forties and still don’t have a grasp on what they want in their lives ranging from what they want to be to who they want to be with so personally I don’t think age really matters in the equation but more so the individual. Some people know themselves before fully growing up and for others it simply takes time. And even though there are definitely cases where some people do end up regretting their transitions that doesn’t make it the majority. I think people just need to be more accepting and encouraging of the topic of sexual identity in general. If it’s a child I think you should just be accepting and try to understand where they’re coming from instead of judging or worse trying to control and “fix” them.

  2. Fuck Harry Potter
    I think her focus group ( toddlers to teens to truckers)are too young to be involved with all that witchcraft and wizardry in her satanic books, but I digress.
    Children should be allowed to be children. Listen to them, but let them JUST BE! Quit prostituting the dignity of youth for checks and attention. 18 is a good starting point for them to make life changing decisions regarding gender. By 18, they may have changed their minds.

    1. Satanic books? Lmao. It’s fantasy. And her stories literally have a thinly veiled Christian moral worldview.

      Y’all know Christians think gays are satanic right? The clownery of your comment.

  3. First, I think it’s time to start talking WITH JK Rowling and stop yelling AT her. All I read is that she said something transphobic and some folks are pissed. I have yet to read anything she said that was hateful, stupid or bigoted. Second, on this point, I believe she is right. Perhaps there some exceptions, but for the most part, I concur,

    1. ^everytime i ask for material for her transphobia to research,
      they tell me google is my friend.

    2. ^ i love “i think its time to start talking with jk rowling and stop yelling at her”.

      that is POWERFUL!!!
      going forward,
      im gonna use it in situations like this.
      thank you jim for this.

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