jk rowling thinks being 14 is too young to change your gender

hogswart legacy made (  x 850 million in global sales ).
many on twitch were protesting how they weren’t gonna play.
i knew when xqc played it with no fucks to give,
that was pretty much over.
if anyone thought a boycott would stop the power that is harry potter

I got a bridge to sell you in BK.

harry potter will always be a millennial/z favorite.
outside of social media,
many don’t know (or even care) about the controversy with jk rowling.
it goes to show there is a whole forest outside of twitter and its opinions.
jk rowling is on a podcast called “the witch trials of jk rowling“.
she has been speaking her personal truth about her infamy.
in the latest,
she said that 14-year-olds are too young for gender change

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Dear Old Jamari…

i saw something on daily post the other day.
it was:

write a letter to your 14-year-old self.

well, i decided to take on the challenge.

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