michael b. jordan came hard (as i did) for this bts video

i’m late af but i came very early.
you can see what i did there.
^that is my fav shot from michael b. jordan’s calvin klein ad.
the look on his face >
the pose >
it all says “make sure you sit on an ice pack tomorrow”.
you know i wanted to see the video of all that in motion.
creed 3 was ( x a massive success ) over the weekend.
the “see him in soft porn” ad for michael b. jordan was one too…


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the corny ones end up winning after all.


lowkey: i love they both know folks are salivating over them…

i am folks.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “michael b. jordan came hard (as i did) for this bts video”

  1. I imagine he smells like a field of lilac, patchouli and Irish Spring.
    I would ask him to
    “Please allow me to sniff your used boxers, Sir”?

    1. Ya know what….i’m so fuckin’ dead after this comment!!!😂 sir go get in the corner cause you’re being too bad.😂😂😂

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