they are slowly trying to handmaid’s tale us and its starting down south

we may be entering “the handmaid’s tale “era but with everyone.
i blame society tho.
they wanna bully randoms for their views but not those in power.
this whole streaming service shit was our fault tbh.
no one brought to light that bill about net neutrality until it was too late.

everything is a package or subscription we have to pay extra for.
after the abortion ban,
i had a feeling they were gonna come for our necks even more.
tennessee just passed a bill that may catch on in other southern states…

what’s worse is they are jackals and hyenas who enjoy this chaos.
they want to see the forests burn and there is nothing we can do about it.
there is no batman to swoop in and save us.
the aliens probably bypassed this planet and its dysfunction.
ima need spiritual twitter to manifest us into another timeline.

Maybe we can have a do-over and go back to 2000?

we can try to right where the country went wrong.

lowkey: i have a feeling they aren’t coming for onlyfans yet.
sex work is a profession as old as time.
when someone in power gets heated and wants revenge,
they gonna go ham and tax tf outta that.

4 thoughts on “they are slowly trying to handmaid’s tale us and its starting down south

  1. Just a heads up. Google “Teneo Network.” The same folks behind the Federalist Society, which worked with Trump to put those three far-right judges on the Supreme Court and fill tons of open federal seats when Trump was president, is now trying to seed more extreme far-right people into every area of American life, from the states to universities to the federal government. They are going to attempt a takeover without anyone realizing it, except them. This is not a conspiracy, it has been discussed on mainstream news sites, and yet it remains undercover. Getting rid of net neutrality and really anything sort of common good is part of their plan, except for super rich people. This includes stripping away all hard-fought civil rights gains, laws to protect LGBTQ people, etc. But please, check it out and don’t think things can’t get worse. A lot worse, if people are speaking up and out.

  2. I see this post has less comments. Gay black men have a hard time with enlightenment. They’re just as ignorant and unwilling to learn as their brethren.

    Anyway, we have been talking about the end of neutrality for years. I remember this being a big discussion back in 2008. Wasn’t it about 10 years old when the bill to end it passed? People got up in arms but not enough to do something about it. People will bitch and moan but fall in line like sheep when all is said and done. These people online are nothing more than armchair activists who are spearheaded by what is trendy. That’s how the the powers that be keep getting their dumbasses.

    1. @res11
      You hit the nail on the head 🗣️. I thought exactly the same thing. No interest at all, really, but talk celebrity dicks and nude leaks, you get the whole tribe. It is fucked up how vapid we have become.
      Drag shoes will not be enough, these people are after blood. They WANT TO WIPE OUT ANY AND ALL CIVIL RIGHTS FOR GAYS AND ETHNIC MINORITIES.

  3. Tennessee is full of racist pasty white pussy faced boys with dicks. These punks with a degree from ITT Tech and these personal shopper from Park Belk🙄 Mary Kay wearing white bitches who are married to sad samples of discarded masculinity are the types voted in.
    The Jews watched the Nazis slowly suck all the sand from the hour glass and reacted too late: this is the mindset of Black America. Tennessee has also refused $10 million dollars of federal aid which is earmarked for LGBTQ health programs. Along with Shitsissippi, they are refusing federal dollars to expand Medicaid. Yet the poor whites are gone tribal, voting against their own interests.
    Marsha Blackburn is the most inarticulate pound of flesh in the Senate. This hoe is just a brick hard lump of toxic fairy dust. Puhleeze.

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