he is teasing you with showing partly his ass

we meet him,
we like him,
we wanna be with him.

…and end scene.
i don’t know if you’re like me,
but i am easily turned off as i am turned on.
i might really dig someone,
fall head first into these crazy crushes,
but the moment he does something that makes me have to side eye tf outta him,
he’s pretty much cancelled for me.
i’m very weary to dealing with fuck shit these days.
i was thinking about something that i wanted to share with the foxhole.
if dude is treating you like that now…

What’s it gonna be like when you get together?

if he is partly showing his ass now,
imagine what will happen when you two are in a full fledged relationship?
other things to think about for his future behavior:

imagine if you got really sick?
lost your job?
got injured and needed assistance?
got bankrupt and had to start over?

will the ghosting will be on 20?
will the childish behavior will be on 20?
will the “left on read” will be on 20?
will the cheating be on 20?

you gotta pay attention to these signs now.
don’t commit to anyone who is already showing sketchy behavior.
you’ll regret that shit once the honeymoon phase ends.

low-key: this can apply to friends too.
they have shown signs of being “aint shit friends”.
they doing all kind of fucked up shit to others.
you aren’t a special snowflake.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “he is teasing you with showing partly his ass”

  1. imagine if you got really sick?
    lost your job?
    got injured and needed assistance?
    got bankrupt and had to start over?

    Asked him these questions last month. He said Yes. Guess who ghosted me Thanksgiving.

  2. Good one. Past few years I’ve been “editing” my friends list. LOL
    People have been getting cut left and right. The “ain’t shit” crew ain’t around anymore.
    No more time for lies and alibis.

  3. You’re good for nothing
    And I ain’t gonna cry over you
    You hurt me in ways
    But those days are through
    Learned how to push through the pain
    You didn’t expect me to
    With you always the same things
    And I’ve had enough
    Wasting my tears on you
    Yes I’ve had ENOUGH!

    1. ^we are bond by foxhole!

      if you do something that shows me your true character,
      that crush/situation will be over so fast.

      when someone shows you who they are; please believe it.

      i am learning to take red flags really seriously nowadays.

    1. I sorta agree. Maybe when I was younger and naive but there comes a time when you can detect bullshyt from a mile away. Sometimes the first red flag might be a twitch depending on how severe. If he’s yelling at you or whatever or acting very passive aggressive, he’s automatically gone. I do not deal with sassy aggressive men who seem like they like to fight.

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