he thought his son would look better on the side of the road for being gay

imagine becoming a proud father,
watching your baby take it’s first steps,
be there for their first day of school,
and then…

…leave them at the side of the road because they might be gay?

hate to see it.
a vix-bi sent me this story and well…

Florida man was arrested after leaving his son on the side of the road because he thought his son was gay.

Evenaud Julmeus, 30, dropped the boy off in front of the closed Haines City Police Department on Sunday with just a duffel bag filled with clothes. The boy was given no water, food or money.

When police found the boy, he was upset and crying, according to Bay News 9. The boy said his father thought he was gay because he was caught “watching male pornography on his cell phone.”

Julmeus allegedly told the boy to pack a bag because he was taking him to the police where they would find him a new home.

The man forced his son to get out of the car while it was sitting on a major road, and didn’t give him a phone to contact anyone. A witness saw the boy left alone and called police.

in the all the fucks?
some people seriously shouldn’t have young ones.
i’ve heard of kids being thrown out in the forests for being gay.
that was one of the story lines in “pose.



many went on to find themselves in houses or had to learn to survive.
it goes either really bad or a positive outcome.
i’m almost positive my parents would have thrown me out if they found out i was gay.
i’m glad that asshole didn’t do anything more drastic to that child.

lowkey: i wonder what he would have done if he was watching straight porn?
tell him go sow his wild oats?

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Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “he thought his son would look better on the side of the road for being gay”

  1. How old was the son?
    I say it all the time…not everyone should procreate. Our society is seriously fucked up. You take your child and leave him ALONE at a CLOSED police station?! WTF?!
    Child endangerment, reckless endangerment. I hope he gets a good ass kicking in jail for leaving that kid alone.

  2. The Daily Mail says the boy is pre teen, when I hear pre teen I think between 10-12.
    The Daily Mail mentioned that the mother went looking for the boy when the father came home without him.I really hope she emotionally supports her son.

  3. What has this world created? I am so sadden on how a father would literally put his child out to the wolves. I am so glad that he was reported and his ass is probably on fire !!!

  4. What kind of man puts their own child on the side of the road with no food, water or contact to any of his family for that reason? He is no man. He is a disgusting homophobic pig. We must remember not to cast noe clutch our pearls at these feral swine. They have no control, they have no dignity, they have no direction. They are an invasive species who are stealing our treasured resources and shyting on our precious landscape.

    Thankfully, animal control has been notified and we can place this dusty warthog where it belongs…confined within a cage as all passerbys remark at the newest attraction at the zoo.

  5. I read about a Brazilian mother today who killed her son because he was gay. She actually hired hit men. The hit men beat him up but refused to finish the job, so she did it.

    People are yelling about what’s being done to the Black men, but Black men are killing, abandoning and torturing their children. I will never let that story go.

    A gay child is better than a dead child. What happened to not wanting to bury a child? How do you kill your own child?

  6. This is aaaaabsolutely disgusting to read. LOCK THAT MOFO UP FOR YEEEARS!… that kid would be better served w/o his ass!

  7. And when that MOFO is laid up in some hospital bed b4 he reaches 55yo, with his kidneys failin’, prostate busted, dick broke, pissy, sh!tty, and unable to wipe his own a$$ because of stage IV bone cancer, the nice lil bodybuildin’ gay male nurse will ask him ‘Does your family come and see ’bout you, sir?’…..let the film strip of him throwing his son away play in HD and surround sound slowly and repeatedly before his glaucoma-encrusted eyes ’till his heart breaks and he dies…miserable and alone and forgotten.

    yeah, fuQQ him and that brazilian mother too. I hope her a$$ catches Ebola.

  8. Beyond disgusting. Throw this MF under the jail. I hope that mother supports the poor young man who was left on the side of the road. But rejection like this still happens to more people than we think.

  9. He did his son a favor!!!! [ Hear me out ]

    Can you imagine being raised under such a “disturbed and cold human. The Protective Services need to go get the other kids as well. They and this female ( who is labeled a Mother) have experienced abuse before.
    Dear Brothers , This man didn’t wake up and decide to be a cold Soul less shell of a human.

    He is capable of all sorts of “tragic , horrific deeds. “Abandoning this child” was just the horrible act that got outsiders attention. He saw nothing wrong with this act !!!!


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