kamala harris makes her exit

i wasn’t a huge fan of kamala harris.
i don’t know why,
but she never struck me as someone “genuine“.
when i saw that video of her dancing to cardi in her office…


…it rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.
that was one of the many things that made me roll my eyes at her.
earlier today…

She dropped out of the presidential race

she gave a reason why she had to drop out…

the full video from her official twitter:

i couldn’t see her as the president of the united states.
she just didn’t have “it” for me.
a vp tho?
i can see that.

im tired of this “we need to take trump down/super villain” narrative.
i know he is the penguin from the dc universe,
but less of that and more “what i’m bringing to the table” from these candidates.
i don’t really see it for any of them being president at this point…

Do you?

low-key: i liked this one when he was in the background because these days…


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21 thoughts on “kamala harris makes her exit”

  1. Yeah, I kinda saw that coming so no surprise there that whole entire panel of democratic candidates for president is like a shit show and it saddens me to say the Democratic Party as we know it is dead I have yet to find one that I resonate with and we need more than just identity politics it’s like they have no policy it’s all about feelings and agendas at this point, sad indeed.

      1. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone I’d vote for maybe Tulsi Gabe but honestly, it’ll only be because she’s a woman but we need more than that but so far she’s the only one who has substance and some form of integrity but like I said I’m not going to vote for someone because we share similar biology and that’s what it has been reduced to and they have overplayed that card a million times so what else do you have to offer? So, unfortunately the party is dead in my opinion.

        1. You’d vote for Tulsi Gabbard? I hate to see it…

          Elizabeth Warren is really the obvious choice to me.

          I do believe both parties are essentially dying. In 20 years I don’t see people identifying as Democrat or Republican.

          1. Yes, I would but only because of the fact she seems more serious about policy more than identity politics but as I said before, I don’t see anyone who is worth my vote it’s like comparing worse to worse at this point so I suggest just starting over from scratch but the Democratic Party has dug themselves a hole so big I don’t think it could ever recover at this point but that’s just me thinking out loud lol!😂

        2. Tulsi Gabbard seems to spout Russian propaganda at times and has appeared on FoxNews attacking Democrats. She grew up in a cult and I believe her father was rabidly homophobic. She also went and kissed up to Bashar al-Assad, the murderous dictator of Syria. I’m sorry, but I just can’t with Gabbard.

          Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders are the two I support. Julián Castro would be third. Any of them, though, would be better than the current Criminal-in-Chief. He commits crimes faster than you can point them out, and lies nonstop. It’s like, be gone already!

      2. No J!! I hate to say it but Bernie doesn’t look like he would last very long in office.
        I honestly can say that NONE of these candidates have me willing to go out and vote for them. It will be interesting to see what Bloomberg puts out there, but I don’t see myself rushing out to vote for him either. He was a nasty Mayor.
        The sad part is I believe the nut job we currently have in office, may very well have another term in office.

  2. Yeah, she needed to bounce but the Trump folks taunted the whole ordeal. I would like to see a woman as President though. I think things may be a little different but you know white men think their own women are beneath them. We’d have to go through hell to get a black woman in there. One can only hope.

  3. I can definitely relate to how you feel. She and the other candidates don’t give me the urge to vote. I was discussing with a friend that as much as I don’t want to believe it, but trump will be in office another four years.

  4. Trump going to win again because the Democratic party is fussing over trivial details when selecting the best candidate. Kamala wasn’t going to win because most in the Democratic party are used to their white savior complex whether it be Bernie, Hillary or Joe lol

    1. Trump is going to win again because the Dems are engaged in a debate on who’s going to be their nominee during their own Primary? That doesn’t make any sense.

      What also doesn’t make any sense is that people keep speaking as if he won 365 electoral votes in 2016…Trump won the Electoral College by only 77,000 across 3 States…and he’s unpopular, so where is he getting the votes from?

      People keep speaking as if he’s popular and he has expanded the electorate.

      1. Yes, Trump didn’t win by a landslide, but his base rides hard for him, and it is concerning when folks say things like “the other candidates don’t give me the urge to vote.” 😩

  5. Good.

    I need few more to leave the race also.
    Once we narrowing them down to 5.
    That’s when I start taking them serious.

    1. Bingo! It’s too many jokes that need to stay they ass in the senate or whatever current job they have now. None of them really have any personality or leg to stand on via political ground. Bernie and Biden are too damn old and should be consultants/advisors. The gay one is putting up a good fight but he doesn’t stand a chance. Kampala was too problematic with her history of fucking over the wrongly accused or freeing criminals in a timely manner. She bores the hell outta me. I’m waiting for Booker to come out the closet. He is a bore too.

      I really like Elizabeth Warren the most. I know a woman won’t be president but she would make the best choice so far.

  6. I want Kamala to regroup and come back in 2028. She needs to figure out how to frame her baggage and build her “progressive centrist” bonafides.

    In the meantime, I’m all in for Madam President Warren. All that “the US isn’t ready for a woman president” shit is dead to me.

  7. Kamala is showed she isn’t ready for the presidency, too desperate to resonate. Now as a senator she is fantastic. She is incredibly smart and a pit bull when it comes to congressional hearings.
    Ps it’s a little annoying when people say that the candidates don’t talk about policy, when they no one gives them any attention when they do. Warren is a policy hawk, but she only gets coverage when she talkes about Trump.

    1. Thank you. Warren and Hillary prove that a woman can be the most intelligent or most qualified candidate, but some people will still either not be satisfied or choose a mediocre (or worse) male candidate over her.

  8. I thought Kamala Harris was like a weathervane, spinning whichever way she thought might work. Her prosecutor background hurt her too, then the ADOS people came for her. She’s a good US Senator, though, so I hope she stays in that role. OTOH, I could see a Democratic president appointing Kamala Harris as Attorney General. She would def be on it.

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