you could find me down in the slums


I been down in the slums

dare i say,
i was liking it.
when i font that i been in the slums…

i didn’t mean the actual place.
i ain’t crazy.
and physically,
i been thinking and acting poorly of myself.

it’s really easy to find yourself down in the slums.
if you aren’t taking care of yourself,
and protecting your energy,
all it takes is the wrong situation to start dragging you down.

for the last 3 months,
i been in a real horrible place.
from job shit,
to wolf shit,
i been really feeling it all.

anxiety has been through the roof
waking up at like 4am on the dot
throwing up acid when my anxiety went sky high
lost so much weight

depressed af

i been really hard on myself because i should’ve know better.

I’m tired of slumming it

i made it a decision that i’m coming out the slums once and for all today.
it can start getting comfortable being down there,
but you gotta emerge and take your ass back to the penthouse.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “you could find me down in the slums”

  1. Yes, it is very easy and pretty common for a lot of people. Everyone has their moments of withdrawl and that is perfectly fine. You’re not a robot and weren’t programmed to behave like one.

    I’m a Cancer who does have an emotional outcry but a strong shell. Every time I shed, my shell gets thicker. Anything anyone says bounces right off my back and they will catch these claws almost immediately depending on the circumstances. Only times you see/read me exposing emotion is when someone (be it human or animal) is murdered or a group is discriminated against.

    I used to be one of those needy Cancers who couldn’t make up their mind and always asked everyone else for advice…not just with some things, with
    EVERYTHING. Looking back at it, I can’t believe how misguided I was. I needed a solution, they gave me an answer, all of them were different. Go figure. So you know my spiritual compass was spinning like a Vogue battle in Atlanta.

    If I remember correctly, my “change” happened about 10 years ago…continues until I was at point where I am now.

    That’s why some of these other comments on certain topics be in the “child please” category sometimes. There have been folks that have came from literally nothing who are living the life right now both single and committed.

    I keep my self so occupied my depression is depressed I’m no longer am. You do get those periods where it creeps up but the shake back is quick and fierce.

    The best part I noticed about some of your posts are the endings.
    The most important thing about this particular post is: “i made it a decision that i’m coming out the slums once and for all today.” This would be something you read in a motivational book before advancing to a new paragraph or chapter or a new era in someone’s life.

    1. So you know my spiritual compass was spinning like a Vogue battle in Atlanta.

      I love this and the growth.

    2. So as a Capricorn male I hate you but I respect your honesty and humility towards your growth. I wish more SGL men were like you. Especially them crazy crabs. I loved a crab for MANY MANY YEARS. And we just recently broke up. I wish he shared your mindset. Maybe we would still be together.

  2. St. John’s Wort is an over the counter natural anti-depressant. You can also try the following foods to improve your mood and incorporate them into your diet:

    Avocado, grapes, shiitake mushrooms, salmon, strawberries and raw nuts. No, not that kind! Almonds.

      1. Tiredness can be a side effect, so it might make sense to take it at bedtime. Also, it can take up to 6 weeks to work. So I would take it a few hours before a time I know there will be maximum stress. B6, B12 and B complex combined with it should help with more restful sleep.

          1. No worries. And if you see no results, I apologize. But better than antidepressants that give you crazy mood swings and make you feel unlike yourself.

  3. 2020 every one should strive for an upgrade period my new theme song for the new decade is patti labelle new attitude

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