Shamarko Thomas Wants Us To See Something on Snapchat

image1snapchat is the place where you get a “behind the scenes” of those you follow.
you can get kinda raw and naked on there with little/no repercussions.
well baller wolf of the pittsburg steelers,
shamarko thomas,
posted his acupuncture session on snap.
a f-bi sent me the shot and well…

image2…and i want to know what he is using on his fur!
it smooth and buttery.


i’m jealous!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Shamarko Thomas Wants Us To See Something on Snapchat

  1. Black soap exfoliation and then argan oil, once a week plus an everyday moisturizing meaning a good body lotion and drink alot of water. And yes shave everywhere a hairy skin doesn’t glow like that.

  2. Odell did the same thing about a year ago. Posted the same exact pic of his butt crack getting an acupuncture and all

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