I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (58)

tumblr_m45cbkaexs1r4yegro1_5001you know the old adage:


it was in the bible
or something…
anyway a she-snow jackal decided to punch a snow wolf outside a college party.
this is what happened during and after

A young New Jersey woman caught on video being punched in the face is in a hospital fighting for her life, according to reports.


The Newark Star-Ledger reported Friday that the video posted on social media shows Emily Rand, 19, of South Amboy, getting hit with the punch after she takes a swing at a man.

The paper reported that Rand was knocked to the ground and fractured her skull. The incident happened last weekend in the middle of a street near a Rutgers University fraternity house in New Brunswick.

Rand underwent surgery Thursday to reduce bleeding in her brain, her aunt told the paper Friday.

 ( x Debbie O’Connor ) said her niece isn’t making progress.

“Not yet,” she told the paper. “No improvement at all. She’s still heavily sedated.”

The New Brunswick Police Department is looking for Rand’s assailant who fled the scene.

“We’re talking to everyone who was there,” Police Capt. Joseph Miller told New Brunswick Patch.

so there is a great divide in opinion with this video.
one side is saying she should have kept her hands to herself.
the other is saying he was way out of line.
i don’t condone wolves hitting vixens,
but if she squares up to a potential jackal,
she better be ready for the outcome.
too many vixens out here trying to box with males.
i don’t care how weak a wolf/hybrid/or fox looks,
he will always be stronger than a vixen when that testosterone kicks in.
i’m sure emily had some liquid courage in her to think so.
judging the video,
her skull is fractured because of how hard she allegedly hit the ground.
i could be wrong.
sad story tho.
there is really no good from fighting.
i hope she pulls through.

story taken: fox news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (58)”

  1. Well, just like Whoopie Goldberg says if you hit someone expect to get hit back. Just like the above comment stated, I “don’t know what happened prior to that point”, but I know I am not a “fuckboy”. My mother raised me and my sister to get with a persons program if they decide that they feel I need to be socked…..male, female, child, animal whatever. I have always lived by this rule. To me, in a way, it is really a insult to women if you believe that a man should not defend himself against a woman. I know a few women who will get with a man’s program and whoop the shit out of them regardless how strong that are or look. Trust me when I say that. With my belief however I have to say that he could have probably slap the shit out of her (which I would have done) instead of socking her up like that. More than likely it was a reflex action on his part. But, we know our own strength. A good example of this, and please try not to judge me, but my dudes nephew bit the shit out of me. So………..I bit that lil fucker back, but not a full on bite, of course. Just enough to let him know. He cried and bit me again and then I mimicked his cry. Anywho, just wanted to my two…three………four cents in.

  2. My only concern is we dont know what happened prior to that point. The guy probably said something or touched her which led to her hitting him. Hes a bitch though too many fuckboys that will square up with a female but wont do shit if another man approaches.

  3. I don’t think he meant to knock her slot if people reflexes are to swing when anyone swings at them regardless of gender.

    Smh hope she pulls through

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