Shad Moss Is A Mixed Breed

i feel like…
sometimes you can feel your hair follicles being pulled before a potential dragging.
shad moss,
or bow wow to everyone,
should have ignored answering the following tweets.
so he got asked about who he was voting for.
shad claims he doesn’t care about voting because…

tmcyu4K…he is allegedly “mixed”.





















not-on-my-watchwhat are you talking about?
they will still shoot your ass like a worthless negro in these streets.
it’s not like you light or “damn near white”.
don’t let those light eyes fool ya.
even still…
what does being mixed have to do with all the tea in china?
you were so cute when i saw you in person years ago.
don’t ruin it with that mouth of yours.
i have a question tho…

Does ANYONE in the public eye really want to be black?

tumblr_inline_o9yw3aeci31t02r2r_500so many are trying to be everything “but”.
it’s getting real ridiculous.

*credited: the shade room

47 thoughts on “Shad Moss Is A Mixed Breed

  1. This washed-up pineapple midget is just like all those people who are so desperate not to be Black that they hold tightly to family legends about a great grandma “with long, straight Indian hair”. But we live in the age of the $30 genetic test now. Pay for one and see that great grandma’s straight hair came from great great grandma being passed around as a party favor by the rapist who owned her. ( Other lies people cling to are the ” my white ancestor actually loved the slave he was fucking so we different”. A woman who could be beaten or sold if she says no, can’t give consent. Granny was raped so often that she got used to it and tried to make her offspring see it differently) White supremacy is a lie and always was. This “mixed” bullshit just like the “Creole” bullshit and “Mulatto” bullshit is an attempt to say ” Yes. Blacks are inherently inferior to Whites. But, since I’m not Black, Im not.”


  3. Why did the Lord call Prince on home and not this ignorant ass washed up coon. He put the nail in the coffin on whatever little career he had left. Good Riddance. They said on Twitter that he is mixed with struggle and disappointment, and that about describes his career and him perfectly.

  4. Slave mentality: The closer you are to your pure blood African features the less accepted and desirable you are deemed. The darker the skin, the wideness of the nose, the corseness of hair, the brightness of the eye color, and thickness of the lips along with a socially acceptable dialect determines you class level in your own community. The ingrained, self hate, programing that black folks have passed on for generations culminates into unconsciously teaching that the more European mix that dilutes the African DNA, the more accepted and desirable you become to your community and society as a whole. The lighter skin tones are peference, with a dramatically reduced prominence of the nose, curly to straight but never corse hair texture will make you more valuable. Black and dark brown are the least desired of eye colors, plump but never “BIG ASS” ethnic lips determines your beauty, the further you exist from your origins- Africa-The Ghetto-The Hood, The more successful you appear. In other words the slave master doesn’t have to reign over us to control us anymore. He lets us believe that we are free. What he beat and tortured and demented into our DNA still lives on. Only now we enslave ourselves.

    1. Preach Brother Preach!!!

      “What he beat and tortured and demented into our DNA still lives on. Only now we enslave ourselves”.

      ” Alright Now”!!

  5. I don’t know if any of you’ll having been watching Tami Roman bonnet chronicles, if you’ll haven’t you’ll should the chick is funny. Well she recently spoke about the whole light skin vs dark skin thing and it was so true what she said this was programmed in slaves minds that being light was better than being dark, what she said was no color tone is better than others, because others look at all of us as niggas anyway and it’s so true. I get so tired of black people being so quick to say I’m mixed with Indian or I have white people in my family. I’m like bitch are you serious your great great great grandfather might of been white, but the whiteness broke through the generations and by the time it got to your grandparents they were both black so what does it make you black. Come on black people be proud to be black, were smart, funny, educated, can sing and dance, can cook, have facial and body features that other races get surgery to get, can look the same at 45 as we did at 25 lol, and a wide variety of other things. I love being black.

    1. When Tami is not acting up (I know she does it for a check), but she is smart and very knowledgeable about life.

    2. @ ERIC….100% if only we could all feel this way…we would make our ancestor so proud! SAY IT LOUD!! I’M BLACK AND PROUD! SAY IT LOUD!

  6. This is definitely an American thing. I’ve noticed Black Americans list their race before their ethnic background. And it makes sense since you don’t know where your “black” side really comes from.

    Whereas other black people worldwide list their ethnicity first. I.E Jamaicans will tell a person that they’re Jamaican and if they have some mixed lineage they will also mention the non-black country. Or a Nigerian person will say that their Nigerian but also they have a French grandparent so they may also add that. Blacks outside the US never start by saying they’re black because people can see that and they know where they come from.

    But because of history and black Americans being in the U.S forever, people expect them to just say “black”. But I think it’s awkward to claim “mixed” when you can’t trace where your non-black side comes from but Massa’s rapist penis. It makes it look like you lack pride.

  7. Hmm…….SMFH…. well I will not blame his ass, I blame his parents. Poor asshole has lived a privileged life and is SO FUCKING FAR REMOVED from reality. Did this young man even learned ANYTHING in school ? I blame his fucking parents. Shad is just a representative of so many lost youth. No wonder all they do is get up, smoke, fuck each other, have babies and kill each other. Youth……….what a complete waste of fucking time. He will come to reality one day. He will face the brutal truth . I hope he faces it before his ass dies. I would hate for a youngster to go to his grave a totally wasted and stupid human being. What a complete disappointment that would be?

  8. He reminds me of those black people that have a problem with just being black like ” oh I’m black but there’s Creole in my family or Indian in my family or my great great aunt is white so I’m not really black but mixed with this or that even though both my parents are black with no mixture in them”. I used to hear this a lot from a lot of black kids growing up.

    1. I know what you mean Mikey and many fell to realize that Creole is a mixture of races and not one. It can be African or European decent or even Spanish.

  9. I’m sad to say that I have a very close family member living with him. Such a waste. Haven’t been attracted to him ever. He’s so little lol. Yeah, HE LOOKS SO MIXED

  10. 2016 and we still cant accept our own lineage. Thats why ever A4A, Jackd and Grindr profile has some black ass sissy listing themselves as mixed. We still got work to do. We still think its unattractive to be pure black.

    1. @CAZ,

      Its sad how you will see profiles with white only or no blacks, but when my pics would be on their, they would hit me up. I would nicely say “Read your profile and get out of my inbox.” I am proud to be black and do not allow the four peer group to define or dictate who I am.

      1. That’s happened to me a couple times. I remember one white dude hit me up and I told him about his profile saying no blacks and then this fool goes “I want to try with a black guy” Lmao I hit that block instantly. I ain’t nobody’s experiment. I’m not a damn science project

  11. If he doesn’t want to vote then he doesn’t want to vote. The extra stuff that came after just shows what i’ve been saying about Shad Moss for years. Either way, we’ll never have a president who will be fully for “us” like they are for whites. Not in this lifetime anyway.

    1. The real gag was when Keyshia finally met her “REAL” father a few months ago and he turned out to be BLACK LMAO!!! Just light skinned. I died.

  12. Who is mixed? The last time I checked he was black. He is another one who puts his foot in his mouth everytime he speaks.

    1. Wasn’t expecting that one. You just made my day with that. But notice he was black when he needed that black movie and music money

      1. Let’s see here, he took shots at the lgbt community and now he’s taking shots at his own race. I want to see his career survive this ✌

  13. 😂😂😂

    I blame Beyonce for this fuckery, but seriously just like his record sales are low, so is his IQ. Him being mixed (alledgedly) was because his ancestors were raped. I am proud to be black and when people realize that many of the successful blacks are their because they are willing to sell out for who they are and what they represent. Also, I notice that many successful blacks are either dating or married to someone of another race or that is light bright. If he doesn’t want to vote that is fine because we are fucked on either side and should have been looking for someone independent to represent us and others (blame our black leaders). I doubt Trump or Hillary will do anything to help us progress and my people need to do their research on both candidates as well and stop following the herd mentality of Democrat.

    Off topic:

    Have you notice that the media does not highlight the black athletes or successful blacks that are married to blacks (rarely)?

    1. Beyonce has never denied being a Black woman.Miss Tina is Creole so why shouldn’t she acknowledge her Creole heritage?

      1. “Creole” means better than Black because of the blessing of some slave having received a white dick. It’s the same all over latin america, which New Orleans was a part of when they started creating separated categories of Blacks. Shad and Bey are heir to a long history of believing that the way an “animal” becomes a human is via a white rapist. The French, and Spanish, both of whom raped the Black women of New Orleans at different times, assured that no leadership class could emerge among the captives on their forced labor camps by making sure that those with access to resources or education via a European father saw themselves as distinct from those not “blessed” with white blood. If they don’t claim me, I’ll let the Trump Nation support their projects economically!

    2. Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Chris Paul, Steph Curry, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Iman Shrumpert, Serge Ibaka (Keri Hilson), etc. and those are athletes alone all with black women

      They exist and do get featured by the media.

      People were claiming “mixed” before Beyonce even came around

      1. It was a joke – “but seriously”

        Chris Paul, Iman Shrumpert, and Serge Ibaka are not really MAINSTREAM except in the black community. Steph Curry wife Ayesha is mixed race (black, chinese, jamaican).

  14. “Everyone wants to be Black but no one wants to be Black.” I love that saying.

  15. He is mixed alright Stupid and Ignorant

    Both his parents are Black.His dad is Alfonso Preston Moss.His mom is Teresa Renee Caldwell(Jones).

    1. ^oh jesus.
      yc answered the question and i had to shake my head at the names of his parents.
      maybe the white people come earlier down the line?
      *hides behind send button*

      1. You can Google videos and images of his black parents.They both have done interviews through the years.

  16. Seriously, these celebrities make me sick with that shit. “I’m black, but…” They claim they’re mixed, might be dark skinned but try their best to be as light as possible, get nose jobs to get rid of the negro nose, etc. I can go on forever, it’s a very tacky insecurity. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING BLACK, DARKSKIN, OR “NEGRO” HAIR.

      1. No he is not. He looks like your regular light skinned dude. Maybe a shade lighter than Bow.

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