I’m More Interested in Shad Moss (Bow Wow) Skincare Regiment

you know i saw shad moss aka bow wow in real hd.
i thought he was fine af.
short af,
he looks even better in person.
my issue is this scandal he found himself in:

…to as you know,
getting allegedly caught up like this on someone’s snapchat:

he allegedly took the photo from ( x some random company’s stock photo ).

that makes him look lame if he did.
cuteness out the window.
as he said on the hollywoodlife.com podcast:

“A guy like me, like today they put up a story about me not coming to New York in a private plane … but I know how I got to New York, you know what I mean? So it’s like … what do I have to prove? Like I’m not gonna get on my Instagram and make a one minute video … like for what? Cause then you’ll get comments like ‘You’re Bow Wow, you have nothing to prove.’ So therefore, if you know who you are you’ve got nothing to prove.”

okay shad…
don’t be out here looking like phaedra parks with the alleged lies now.
you will get cancelled real quick.

he isn’t the first and he won’t be the last.
almost everyone is living a double life on social media.
you don’t even have to be famous.
it’s the thing to flex a life you don’t live.
your reputation and popularity depend on it.
really tho…

Who gives a fuck?

would you rather want everyone to “like” you for lies?
it’s worse when you get caught up lying.
who the fuck cares how you got to new yawk?
you were going on a talk show to promote your upcoming show.
why even mention your travel in an ig post?
i see everyone flexing on private jets on snapchat.
i’m not impressed.
what i am impressed with tho?

How is Shad still looking 15 years old?!?!

i don’t even believe for a second the life he claims he lives on ig.

fuckin random hoes

if he did,
he would look older than he does.
he needs to come up off that skin care regiment.
next thing he’ll tell us it’s from bathing in unicorn tears.
i keed.

quote taken: hollywood life

4 thoughts on “I’m More Interested in Shad Moss (Bow Wow) Skincare Regiment

  1. I honestly think he’s cute but he does some very very very questionable things this being one. I remember a video he did where he was in front of this crowd of girls and he was like “Little do they know that bow wow is in front of them.” and the video was filmed way after his career faltered.

    I don’t know why he continues to front for us we don’t really care and tbh I don’t see the need when a person can quickly take that picture and use google to see where it came from.

  2. Cause then you’ll get comments like ‘You’re Bow Wow, you have nothing to prove.’

    I’m giving that comment the biggest side eye lol I don’t think anyone wouldn’t put this past Shad because look at who we are dealing with. I don’t know if he even still has a fan base .

    P.S. I always found Romeo cuter back in the early 2000’s (hell even now)

  3. Yeah he’s so corny. Anyway you should post skin care tips…you should have a foxhole beauty section 😎

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