The Baiting Shame: When A Baiter Gets Exposed

the baiting game.
the correct definition is when someone,
male or female,
goes fishing for an unsuspecting male’s nudes.
do they bait vixens too?
a majority of the time,
a male pretends to be a female.
in rare cases,
they know he is a male too.
the end goal?
either post the nudes online or charge a fee to view.
well the first baiter got exposed and is now facing jail time.
a foxholer sent me this story.
everyone meet derrick jones from philly

A Pennsylvania Catholic high school senior was busted for allegedly posing as a girl to blackmail more than 100 middle school boys to send him nude photos of themselves, officials said Thursday.

Derrick Jones, a student at Monsignor Bonner Catholic High School, used various apps to communicate with the boys through his online identity, “Haley,” WDAU-TV reported.

“They believed that they were receiving naked pictures of a teenage girl and so they were responding to Haley thinking that it was a teenage girl that was interested in them. Unfortunately, it was not,” Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said at a press conference.

Jones used Instagram, Kik, WeChat and Snapchat to target 136 people — 60 of whom were boys, officials said.

The 18-year-old would post the photos online to extort the minors in providing more explicit photos. He once sent photos to one of his victim’s relatives to shame him, officials said.

Investigators tracked down Jones by using his IP address and believe his intent was for “sexual gratification.”

Officials say “Haley” is a real girl who had her identity stolen by Jones.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia released a statement saying the incident “is deeply disturbing to all of us.”

“Our immediate concern is for those who were or may have been victimized,” the archdiocese said, according to the station. “Our understanding is that Delaware County Detectives have been in contact with individuals they have reason to believe could be a victim in this matter.”

Jones is charged with dissemination of child porn, unlawful use of a computer, harassment and other crimes. He also faces expulsion from school. His bail was set at $55,000.

it sounds like his evil ways caught up with him.
he was being malicious with his baiting.
isn’t all baiting malicious tho?
the way i see it is this.
if you bait,
put the shit out there.
that way,
if the picture is out there,
then it’s out there.
no one knows who did it.

once you start claiming:


…and start charging for nudes and making a name for yourself,
it is easier to track you.
the problem is most baiters want fame.
in these online forests,
baiters want that recognition.
they be on some:

“i got trump’s nudes.
i beez the king baiter of this shit!
send me a paypal and i’ll send the drop.”

that is a behind the scenes scheme.
a group chat of super villians at the most.
trench coats and sunglasses in the night time type of life.
that’s like robbing one of the biggest banks,
getting away with it,
and then bragging online:


that just don’t work.
let derrick jones be the example of what not to do.

lowkey: baiting is an art form.
don’t be a dumb ass.
i’m more impressed when you get a sex video anyway.
a pineapple would drop his nudes/jack off flicks on a flower garden if it would give him sex after.

article: ny daily news

5 thoughts on “The Baiting Shame: When A Baiter Gets Exposed

  1. Baiting is for people who don’t have lives
    The whole thing is fucked up and wrong
    I still be waiting the tumblr vids tho 😂

  2. Take note that his crime was targeting minors and extorting money. Nobody has been punished for fishing grown-but-stupid-assed men.

    1. This was going through my mind as well Jay, because you know somebody is gonna come on here with ” Well ya like those bait pics anyway now ya disowning the baiter ” type shit

      I have no probs with Bait pics and have enjoyed some on Tumblr as long they are if legal age and the baiter isn’t trying to get a fee or something.

      1. Agreed, this goes beyond the typical slapmyfatty type expose…dis here is on some pedophilia type shit….yeah, the age diff b/t the perp and his victims is less than other cases, but whatever…once u bout that magic # of 18 yo ure as much as an adult as someone 58 yo…

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