The Baiting Shame: When A Baiter Gets Exposed

the baiting game.
the correct definition is when someone,
male or female,
goes fishing for an unsuspecting male’s nudes.
do they bait vixens too?
a majority of the time,
a male pretends to be a female.
in rare cases,
they know he is a male too.
the end goal?
either post the nudes online or charge a fee to view.
well the first baiter got exposed and is now facing jail time.
a foxholer sent me this story.
everyone meet derrick jones from philly
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Cum Up Off Dem Privates: The Life of A Baiter (Interview)

tumblr_nw0t35CFfX1skmoejo1_500you know i love things that are interesting.
certain things i need answers.
with this platform of mine,
i am able to ask the questions to get answers i desire.
i’m trusted by many to conduct interviews as i grow.
the world of baiting has always been interesting to me.

baiting (v) : to lure a straight wolf up off their privates.
often done in disguise as a “vixen”.
may be posted online on various social media sites.

it’s usually done to straight wolves.
i’ve never done it,
but i often wondered:

How are the male species getting duped so easily?

that maybe a dumb question.
a male,
who is under the influence of horny,
will do the dumbest shit.

see: “cubs from one night stands”.
well when a baiter contacted me,
you know i had to get an interview up and running.
so foxhole…

Welcome to The World of Baiting 101

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