Cum Up Off Dem Privates: The Life of A Baiter (Interview)

tumblr_nw0t35CFfX1skmoejo1_500you know i love things that are interesting.
certain things i need answers.
with this platform of mine,
i am able to ask the questions to get answers i desire.
i’m trusted by many to conduct interviews as i grow.
the world of baiting has always been interesting to me.

baiting (v) : to lure a straight wolf up off their privates.
often done in disguise as a “vixen”.
may be posted online on various social media sites.

it’s usually done to straight wolves.
i’ve never done it,
but i often wondered:

How are the male species getting duped so easily?

that maybe a dumb question.
a male,
who is under the influence of horny,
will do the dumbest shit.

see: “cubs from one night stands”.
well when a baiter contacted me,
you know i had to get an interview up and running.
so foxhole…

Welcome to The World of Baiting 101


JF: first of all,
thank you for agreeing to an interview with me!
so lets get into it and tell the foxhole a little about yourself…

B: I’m happy for this opportunity to talk with you and the foxhole! Im a very big fan. Well im 26 and i live in ____________, I work for one of the biggest retail stores in the world. Life for the most part is pretty simple. Work, home and church. I enjoy watching movies, playing games, and studying interior design. I also love reading. I always try to define myself beyond what I do sexually. I love sex a lot, but it can make one seem one dimensional when that’s all you talk about. I like being knowledgeable on many different topics. I’m kinda nervous, but excited too share my knowledge with you and the fox hole.

JF: don’t be nervous!
the foxhole is a place to feel safe.
so you are just a regular animal within the forest.
what made you get into the world of baiting?

B: It started with a co-worker. I wanted to take it to the next level, but didn’t want to risk the budding friendship. If he didn’t “measure up” I created a fake Facebook an made it very believable. Took my time and searched for a pretty girl that screamed “porn star”, but had nudes so i could lure him in. When the time came, i stroke up a friendly conversation. It didn’t take long before it got sexual. I sent my trump card, the nude pictures, and he believed it. Boom! I got the nudes that I always wanted to see! I felt kinda bad/low at first, but the power I felt over these straight wolves… Jamari, its too much. It really doesn’t take much. Since then, I’ve greatly increased my strategy.

JF: i bet it feels like a rush.
i can only imagine.
so when it comes to baiting,
is it always you being a “vixen”?
or it being something of the male species?

B: It’s always a female. I bait straight wolves. The gays, well, I don’t look at it as a challenge. I don’t think I would enjoy it as much if you’re gay or have to use my spidey sense (which is always on point). I will just strike up a convo and hit you up online. If i get rejected, I pull the money card (the nudes). If i use my spidey sense and see your dl/trade, I’ll try a different approach. Since we have started the interview, I’ve baited 3 wolves already. I just submitted another one to my fellow baiter just to show how often i can do this.

JF: why does this sound like an underground sex ring?
what do you think about those who bait straight celebrities and baller wolves?

B: I love going on your site and seeing the celeb slip ups. How dumb can you be?!

JF: i often find those baiters get shut down really quick.
they got heart tho.
now back to you,
what if they ask you to show them a video?
prove you are a vixen?
how would you handle that?

B: To be honest, only a handful have actually asked for a video. Some, i guess, it never crossed their minds. It is really a male behind the screen, despite tv shows like Cat Fish! But for the most part, I had these wolves at “Hello”. Now the times I did run into that, I would play it off like i was i offended. “How could you even think such a thing?”. These wolves, being so hungry for pussy, wouldn’t rock the boat too much. I’ve had some that wouldn’t budge unless I could provide a vid. In that case, i would retreat. I didn’t know of the network of other baiters at the time who had the means to bait with Snapchat like I do now.

JF: see!
i knew it ran like a baiting sex ring.
this is so interesting to me.
who has been your biggest bait?

B: My biggest? Hmm i mean, i haven’t baited any big names. I have some personal best though. A big one I’ve been wanting I got last night. I got credited too by “x call me cheerleader”. He is a bait Tumblr. Well the wolf’s tail was huge. I hope he makes the next “wolf meat installment”.


I gotta huge ass fetish. The best for me was a guy from the local collage. His tail was sooooooooo big. I was sure he played ball when I found him on the foot ball roster. I used the ole charm and he gave up the ass pix within one convo. The wolf is a freak! Once i bait them, it doesn’t stop there. I hit these guys up on anonymous accounts and see if their interested in “making a lil cash” #dontjudgeme

JF: what do you mean by “making a lil cash”?

B: Pay for play well gay for pay.

JF: oh really?
does that ever happen?

B: Well, I have a history of pay for play. I’ve only did it with gays though. I’m actually new to  meeting the straight wolves. There is so much more I would think goes into it and thats why I message them from anonymous accounts. I bait them from the fake one just in case they “ain’t with that”, even with money involved. It’s a safety issue for now, but that’s my next frontier. I read your interview with “Pierre”. I use the format he said he uses when he hires his escorts. I just edit it to my liking. I have a couple I’ve messaged, but it’s about a comfort thing, I guess. Some may think “Why not just get a gay guy?” or “Doing this makes gays look thirsty”. Well, I say “I like what I like” and “If you got the goods, then I may be coming your way”.

JF: i can see how the animals would judge.
it goes against the norms,
plus it’s wolves coming up off their privates.
the things is,
i’m sure they sent those same privates to so many vixens.
What does baiting do for you?
is it really just the thrill?

B: Its a thrill! Mostly the fact that guys i use to lust over, I can now see them beyond just wondering. I also love seeing my work on various ass Tumblrs as well.

JF: so it’s a “hard on” for you.
i feel you.
what separates you from other baiters?

B: I dont charge lol!!!

JF: and see!
that’s what i don’t get!
why do other baiters charge to see someone’s naked pictures/videos?

B: Exactly!!!!!! Omg, I didn’t know this until after I submitted one guys info. I questioned how does it work as far as paying? He said only in certain situations. A few hours later, I get an email with the heading “I hope you have Paypal”.

tumblr_nylct8VaiF1tfn6k7o1_500JF: i guess everyone needs to get a check somehow.
so what is your future goals as a baiter?
what is the end goal?

B: Pretty much to just have fun. I have two in mind already that I gotta at least approach about possibly meeting. Other than that, I don’t see it being around forever. Not to say that I wont bait me a guy now and again, but I’m not trying to end up in a ditch no wear.

JF: well that is the “other side” to this game.
it does seems very dangerous so please be careful.
so the final question: what advice do you have for up and coming baiters?

B: I would say be safe. If you must see the nudes, but don’t know what your doing, just pay a baiter to get them. Just have fun and most of all, “Dont get caught”. #happybaiting


how did you like that one?
no offense to the baiters,
but i’m trying to get that pipe in real time.
that is one of the reasons i could never do it.
it seems like a “tease”.
it’s like being a ghost.
you get to see all his privates,
but you will never get to experience it.
get in where you fit in.
i won’t knock because this seems to be a growing trend.
if they are stupid enough to come up off their nudes,
especially for strange virtual pussy,
then you need to live with the consequences if you get got.


i’d rather see the sex tape anyway.
too much times,
these wolves got big pipes and “the big yawn” stroke.
see: dwayne mckell
stay tuned for more interviews within the foxhole.
you know i love taking you all real deep.

*if you feel you are interesting enough to interview,
or have interview ideas or submissions,
don’t hesitate to: CONTACT
i’ll review and if i’m interested,
i’ll get back to you!

26 thoughts on “Cum Up Off Dem Privates: The Life of A Baiter (Interview)

  1. Jamari,

    Your interviews are always A-1.

    Dear “B”, you need to run me my money! Why? Ahem: “I read your interview with “Pierre”. I use the format he said he uses when he hires his escorts. I just edit it to my liking.” Lol but on a serious note, I’m glad I could be a source of inspiration and a go-to guide lol…

    I told y’all it’s not as hard as y’all make it out to be. Just have dollars and some common sense, and you’ll be fine.

  2. Good interview Jamari. I personally do not like the act of baiting and try to avoid known sites as I feel it is dishonest and wrong. But I will not say that the person is a bad person themselves. While I do understand the point of doing it, I could never stop thinking about how the person in the pic was tricked and how thirsty (some not all) guys are and the length’s they go to in order to obtain the nudes of someone they don’t know like their entitled to it. All in all, I don’t approve of it but these guys really should be more careful about who they send their nudes to.

  3. Hey! I lurk on this site and I’m a huge fan. I never read something like this!!!! People do this???? This screams “ILLEGAL”. Can someone help me because I didn’t even know this existed!!!!

  4. I don’t know how I feel about this. The dishonestly part of sexual catfishing is almost cruel. Especially if you’re that guy who figures out he just sent nude photos to some fake person who then posted them online. What is the thrill of getting photos from a heterosexual guy who would never be turned on by another guy? The end game may be a thrill to some, but it seems kinda depressing to me.

  5. Good interview dude. I still don’t get all the hype though. I mean I guess it’ll just be an, “OK. I see what you’re working with.” But once that’s over, it’s like ok…

  6. Hhmmm, interesting…to each his (undoubtedly lonely) own…I’m sure I’ve been catfished out there, but hopefully my rule not stupidly having your face and privates in the same image will keep a ninja from gettin caught up in some stupid shit. ..but then again, who am I? lol

  7. Great interview, It took a lot of balls for this baiter to share this with the foxhole. As you and others above have said I don’t really understand the trill behind doing it either, but I can’t judge so many of us in this community fantasize and lust after these straight wolves it was only a matter of time before things like this happen. If I’m not mistaken some baiters actually employ Vixens to bait these pineapples for them.

    It seems very dangerous and to go through the all of this just goes to show that thestraights are still heldon a hug petal stool in this community.

  8. Good Lord. He would have to fight me, I wouldn’t be able to stop staring at them cakes. I understand, an ass like that would make you do crazy stuff.

    He seems like one of the less messy baiters. Some will spread face pictures and give their name, that’s just unnecessary to me, could ruin someone’s life.

    (Side question, he said there’s tumblrs dedicated to buns like that, I need links 😎)

  9. I mean it’s satisfying initially catfishing ppl but realizing they’re kind of dumb or even worse you actually like them and it’ll never happen eventually sets in.

    1. ^”even worse you actually like them and it’ll never happen eventually sets in.”

      that’s the part of why i would never do it.
      this fine ass wolf is talking to me,
      but he thinks i have a pussy.
      that realization would make me depressed.

    2. That aspect can be disheartening but most cases the nudes are good for at least a couple of jacks an if one eould ever want to farther pursue the guy for maybe gay for pay you already have the contact info money talks trust me on this one

  10. Nice interview. I just do not understand how they get aroused by getting nudes. As you said, it would be better to actually experience it, rather than just getting nudes, but everyone has their own thing. I guess the real thrill is the ability to get the nudes.

    1. ^thanks man!

      i guess it’s the hunt that’s exciting.
      i prefer the “getting caught”,
      but like you said,
      everyone has their own thing.

  11. GREAT INTERVIEW! Btw why are the “straight wolves” showing pics of their ass? Like that always seem a little suspect especially when they are “allegedly” doing it for a female. I also notice he said pay a baiter to do these things, are there any reputable contacts out there?

    1. ^thank you joshy!

      shit I saw some pics where a baited straight wolf,
      with a vixen,
      is online with his butt cheeks spread.

      you know what it is?
      this new “eatin ass” movement going on.
      vixens are eating ass now so these wolves are tootin it up for feastin.

    2. Lookwhoigot tumblr and call me cheerleader has pretty good baits lookwhoigot has the legendary bait a** king vheck him out

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