Shane Clarke Should Be Nick-Named “The Bawdy”

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 8.16.39 PMyes.
take that bicep all in.
so i was minding my business,
yes right,
and this wolf popped up on my tl.
you know i had to sniff around to see who he was.
foxhole meet shane clarke

first of all,
that “pecs to bicep” situation makes me…


i’m back.
shane is a straight scorpio wolf from new yawk.
he isn’t a personal trainer wolf or anything.
he takes his bawdy very serious.
the foxhole likes it when they take their bawdies serious.
keep up the good work shane!

lowkey: he looks cocky.
i’ll allow it.


*all pictures and videos credited to shane clarke

14 thoughts on “Shane Clarke Should Be Nick-Named “The Bawdy”

  1. Yes Shane come to daddy! That body, skin tone, and that meat Yasss lol. OAN: I like him a lot more than Chadoy!

  2. i literally just looked at his pics and said “OH my GOD” out loud… and this is why i know i’m a 1000% gay when i see men who look like him and those eyes and that bulge…smdh LAWD lol…SN…I’m going to see Beyonce tomorrow evening here in Philly i’m EXCITED!!!!

      1. Hottest show ever..Meek Mills, Rick Rozay, DJ Khaled, Yo Gotti, Chris & Neef aka Young Gunz, Freeway opened up for her…My first time seeing life, but definitely not my last

  3. I see he has gotten his weight up. Ive seen him in a few pics with Chadoy a couple of years ago. Never knew his name though..

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