I’m About To Give It To You Gorilla Style

tumblr-gorilla-by-flachi have seen all kind of animals have sex.
i had yet to see two gorillas.
well i got my wish when it was posted on twitter.
it stumbled down my timeline and well…

giphyshe was ridin the FUCK out that gorilla dick.
oh my ever lovin God.
she was putting her back into it too.
you see her tail?
you know she thinks she is hot shit.
i don’t blame “ha” with that dick ridin’ game.
feet was planted firmly on the ground ‘n’ shit.
he was damn near in a coma under her.
i bet that male gorilla gave her all his food for the rest of the week.
i’m not even mad.
stunned af…
but not mad.
did cubs visiting the zoo see that?
how do you explain some shit like that?
my brain is on overload with questions.

lowkey: i can’t @ “harambe baby momz already moved on” tweet.
the disrespect!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “I’m About To Give It To You Gorilla Style”

  1. aaaah i dnt want to see by myself what u talking about
    youtube dnt get on this point no thnks
    but i cry tears on what u have say
    im always traumatised after see my dog bang another dog

  2. *covers eyes* Nope! Can’t watch lol. If I see this, I’ll never be able to “unsee” it. I think I’ll preserve my eyes LOL

  3. I’ve seen that in PERSON when I visited my parents home country 8 years ago.. I was still a pre-teen in school but I am still traumatized for life… I remember that shit like it was yesterday. These male gorillas have ZERO chill. They just run up in their women without any foreplay or anything!! It was brutal LOL

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