The Vegan Wolf Who Tastes Like Lust iCandy

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“hey chris…”
so christopher matthews,
aka killa cam,
aka the vegan wolf,
is out here working.
he did an ad for the “apparel” company,
“lust icandy”.
check it out…

not bad.
not bad at all christoper.
you did so good that i didn’t even notice the vixen.
50b682e0f44194bb3916f7b04fa548f6i’m almost interested in what they selling.

so i went over to the website and was highly confused.
is it a clothing site?
escort service?
i tried to click the “store” and got a screen shot.
this isn’t starting off good and i can’t tell if they sell anything for males.
was the underwear christopher had on part of their collection?
or was he just a prop?
instead of making ads,
they may need to make sure the presentation is up and running.
either way,
nice vegan bunz christopher.
that towel was a godsend for your lower half.

for more on “lust icandy”,
visit their website: here

video credited: lust icandy | photo credited: christopher matthews

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Vegan Wolf Who Tastes Like Lust iCandy”

  1. I’m not into clothing that looks like a billboard for the company ( think Abercrombie and Fitch etc) so i’m going to go with the no for the clothing but Christopher was sexy in it do he gets a yes from me

  2. Chris was my top IG Crush a few years back…..until I made the mistake of liking/commenting on one of his pics for the first time. It was the most innocent comment ever. Something to the effort of “Nice socks. *smiley face*.” Some Latin Whore found it amusing that another man had commented on his pic & got Chris involved in the fun. They then proceeded to laugh me from one end of IG to the other. Before deleting the picture/post altogether. My most humiliating internet experience ever. I’ve made it a point never to like or comment on any of his pics since then. Although I couldn’t bring myself to unfollow his sexy ass. He’s good eye candy.

    On another note…..since I follow Chris I see what images he likes. I find it interesting that I’ve NEVER seen him like a single pic with someone Black in it. Not one time in 3 years! He seems to fancy White & Latin Men & Vixens. His business but interesting nonetheless…..

      1. I’m not sure what his orientation is. He has a son who he posts ocassionally. He’s constantly liking the pics of White & Latin Women AND White & Latin Men. White & Latin Muscleguys & Twinks. Kinda suspect to me. And again, never anyone even close to Black as far as I’ve seen over the last 3 years. Not one time!

    1. I’m late on this, but yeah dude us a b-b-beast, but if u’re tellin me he appears color-struck, then the “lust”dwindles……oh, and that commercial sucked in terms of gettin the point across as to what they’re hawking to the consumer…but in this day n age all u need is “icandy”, huh? *shrugs*

    2. @commonknowledge…if you don’t mind my asking, what were some of their comments? I’m curious.
      That vixen would’ve got a case before I signed off. Seems she was threatened by your presence, and felt the need to “clown” you.
      Silly bitch…trix are for kids!

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