Taraji P Henson Has A Black belt in “Dragging”

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“hi aun-t…”
you know i lovedededed you right?
we gon’ meet one day.

taraji p henson is a proud black vixen queen and has no apologies.
she also will drag you from root to tip if you come incorrect.
well someone in her comment box got scalped.
last name: lopez
first name: dora?
so taraji put this picture up on her instagram

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.29.42 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.29.48 PMwell “dora” lopez  decided to put in his two cents in.
this also what happened after via the shade room:

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tumblr_o07xi5is5T1tts3f4o1_500i don’t understand why he felt the need to jump in.
what did she say that was wrong?
she felt uplifted about being a black vixen.
his insecure ass just wanted something to say.
i hate this “we need to come together” shit because it isn’t genuine.
we always gotta share our spotlight when other races don’t.
you know they don’t.
good work on that much needed dragging aun-t.
dora had to put his profile on private:

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pictured credited: taraji p henson | the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Taraji P Henson Has A Black belt in “Dragging””

  1. Why do people of other races condemn us for uplifting ourselves? She went in. I love a person who can drag someone and leave skid marks behind, my type of people lol.

  2. I am sorry, but Taraji is the last person that should be speaking on black Beauty with all the botox, implants, and cosmetic surgery that she has had done. If she was so proud she would have aged gracefully and had the self esteem to love herself no matter how she looks or what others think, but she decided to follow the herd. It would have been better coming from Gabby instead of her.

    1. Gabby wears hair from some Indian woman’s head so she is following the herd as well by not wearing her natural hear.So does that make her less black? Does that mean Gabby has poor self esteem or is not proud since she is ashamed to wear the nappy hair she was born with?

      Gabby and Taraji are proud to be Black women so is Patti Labelle(nose job) and most Black women who have weaves,use botox,have breast implants,nose jobs etc

      1. @Y Colette,

        You want to travel more, because “Most” black women do not get cosmetic surgery and age with grace. Turn off the TV sometime and take some time off from the blogs and visit some different regions in the US and you will notice natural beautiful black woment. You are correct Gabby does wear weaves that is not natural, but she still can throw it in the trash and has her natural body that has not been injected with chemicals or cosmetic surgery procedures. With all the bullying she has endured she is still able to keep a smile on her face and get employment.

    2. Gabby as in Gabrielle Union? Hoe’s she any better than Taraji? If you said maybe Viola Davis, or Lupita N’yongo you might have something, but that doesn’t take away Taraji’s right to be proud of being black because of the reasons you stated. For those same reasons, Gabrielle is disqualified as well.

      S/N: Did she actually get cosmetic surgery and all those things? I didn’t know all that!

      1. He is talking about Gabrielle”Gabby” Sidibie,Taraji’s co star on Empire.
        It is not necessary to put one black woman down in an attempt to lift another one up.All the ladies mentioned are proud to be Black women

      2. I assumed he was talking about Taraji’s co-star ,Gabby,although it doesn’t matter they are both proud Black women.Whether they straighten their hair,wear weaves,get Botox,etc.

      3. Ohh!! That’s my bad!! I forgot about Gabourey Sidibe, though my stance on the matter hasn’t changed. I don’t see any problems with Taraji posting that. The fact that it’s a “topic” in the first place is silly. No one needs a license to proud of themselves, or their culture/race/ethnicity.

        I agree with you YC.

    3. Honestly I don’t fall for the black don’t crack mantra when it comes to these black actresses. I doubt they haven’t had any cosmetic surgery or fillers just like the white actresses.

      If you have all that disposable income and your looks determine how much work they get and black actresses are already marginalized so ways to improve your appearance are almost an investment.

      1. Yes, this is important too! Hollywood is definitely a different beast than “everyday life”. Their job is basically based off of appearances in the first place so it’s a completely different environment to the “every day”. Some opt for it, some don’t.

        Even still, Taraji getting botox or surgery really doesn’t have anything to do with her “blackness”. Aging, sure, but people of all races are doing it, I don’t think it has anything to do with them hating their races, AGING is another story, ESPECIALLY in entertainment. Like you said, it’s their hustle.

  3. This sh## gets on my nerves.It reminds me how after Black Lives Matter movement started some people are like All Lives Matter.We know all lives matter,but BLM was addressing Police brutality,racial inequity in the judicial system as it relates to the Black community.

    Damn being Pro Black doesn’t mean we are anti White or Anti Latino.As for this guy what does he mean by “seed of a gorgeous black goddess”? Is he saying his mother is Black?

    1. Thank you! We’re not entitled to appease to everyone. I’m a black person, I’m going to celebrate being black. If that makes my liberal ass a racist, then I’m a proud racist. I’d love someone to try it with me.I apologize to no one about my blackness. She posts a positive picture and people are getting in their feelings. Just F**k off and find something real to complain about. That guy is an IDIOT.

  4. Thank you, just because we say black lives matter doesn’t mean are trying to exclude other lives, just because we say black is beautiful doesn’t mean that’s all the We see beauty in. It’s pineapples like him that will try to do that whole let’s come together crap but will be the first person to go out there and put a white woman before a black one.

  5. Sorry, not impressed. She did what most Black women typically do…she emasculated another man with suggestions of his sexuality by calling him a “KAWEEN” (or Queen). I still love you Cookie, but you are typical! And ain’t nothing special about a typical bish!

  6. These non-blacks act like it’s a crime to be proud of being black lol gtfoh bitch. Go save your crocodile tears & faux outrage for the next bitch who still has a few fucks to give. Because we ran out of them hoe.

  7. Lol, he got slayed haha…but real talk, he look kinda sexy in his profile pic…”¡Ven aquí Dora! I’ll help you lick dem wounds.”

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