Taraji P Henson Has A Black belt in “Dragging”

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.27.17 PM

“hi aun-t…”
you know i lovedededed you right?
we gon’ meet one day.

taraji p henson is a proud black vixen queen and has no apologies.
she also will drag you from root to tip if you come incorrect.
well someone in her comment box got scalped.
last name: lopez
first name: dora?
so taraji put this picture up on her instagram
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A Mouth Is Just A Mouth

dorawhorebagsomething bothered me while watching empire last night.
btw: can i say thank god the season is finally picking up?
i was nervous.
so yeah,
something disrespected my whole situation and i wanted to share it…
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